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Design inspiration: Gold radiators

A gold cast iron radiator

Everybody wants to sell what’s already been sold,Everybody wants to tell what’s already been told,What’s the use of moneyIf you ain’t gonna break the mould?Even at the centre of the fire, there is cold,All that glitters ain’t gold. Prince Perhaps the lyrics should be “even at the centre of every self-respecting living room, there is […]

Father’s Day Radiator Sale – 10% discount

Father's Day 10% Sale 2019

In celebration of all those Daddies out there, we’re giving you 10% off all radiators and heated towel rails on our website. If you’ve got a Father who likes indulging in a spot of DIY, then what better gift can you think of than a radiator? Summertime is the best time to upgrade your radiators […]

Best heated towel rails for small bathrooms

Small chrome plated heated towel rail for small bathroom

It’s fairly common for people to assume that because they have a small bathroom, they cannot possibly have additional luxuries such as heated towel rails in their bathrooms. A lack of suitable wall space is the most common misconception that makes many think that a heated towel rail is simply not an option. However, a […]

How often should you get a new boiler?

Combi boiler

Whatever type of property you live in, and no matter how big or small it is, one of the most important pieces of equipment in your home is your boiler. If you have a conventional central heating system at home, then your boiler is vital in providing you with hot water for heating your home […]

Bank Holiday Weekend: Our DIY Offer

May 2019 Sale

The end of May bank holiday weekend is a great time to get some DIY jobs done. Or for the procrastinators out there, even if you aren’t actually getting the jobs done, it’s a good time to assess what needs doing next time you get the opportunity! For that reason we’ve decided that all radiators, […]

Our range of convector heaters for your home

Stelrad Compact Radiator - White

White convector radiators are the most common type of radiator that you can get. However, that doesn’t mean they have to be boring and lacking in inspiration. We have a great range of convector radiators to choose from that straddle the line between functional and stylish beautifully, resulting in economic and efficient heat emitters for […]

LANDED! 10% Apollo Radiator Sale

Apollo Radiator Sale

It’s incredibly exciting this May as our Apollo Radiator Sale has officially landed until 18th May. Designed and manufactured in Italy, our Apollo Radiators are made to the highest possible standards and come with the typical Italian flair for design. Our Apollo range includes flat panels, classic columns and aluminium radiators, all with a fantastic […]

Can you paint a radiator?

A Spray Painted Radiator in multiple colours

It’s very possible that you have some old white convector radiators in your home that require painting. They might have become yellow with age or may have been chipped and are revealing the bare metal underneath. Whatever the reason, it is certainly possible to paint an old radiator as long as you stick to a […]

Our Easter Radiator Sale is on – 10% discount

Easter Radiator Sale 2019

The extra long Easter weekend is a great opportunity to get some DIY jobs done around the house. This includes replacing old radiators, particularly as the move into spring means that having the central heating on full blast is less essential, making it a good time to briefly switch it off. All of our radiators […]