Wed 23rd Nov 2016 - 8:12pm Press Why renters are most at risk from unsafe gas appliances

    Why renters are most at risk from unsafe gas appliances


    Benjamin Clarke

    Some new data released by the Gas Safe Register has revealed that it is private renters who are most at risk from having unsafe gas appliances in their homes.

    The Gas Safe Register replaced CORGI in 2009 and are the official list of engineers who are legally able to work on gas appliances such as boilers, cookers and fires.

    Their data, which has been collected over the last 5 years shows that as many as 2.7 private renters are at risk of unsafe gas appliances.

    The data reveals some of the following worrying statistics:

    21% of privately rented accommodation were found to have unsafe gas appliances.

    59% of those unsafe appliances are gas heaters.

    19% of renters weren’t aware their boiler should be checked annually.

    11% didn’t think their boiler had been serviced in the last year.

    37% of landlords didn’t realise they needed to have the boiler serviced annually.

    15% of landlords thought the safety of gas appliances is the responsibility of the council.

    49% of homeowners weren’t sure whose responsibility gas safety is.

    14% of homeowners thought gas safety was the responsibility of the gas provider.

    This shows that there is a significant lack of knowledge in the rental sector. The fact that many landlords, who are relied upon by tenants to maintain their homes correctly, are not aware of their gas safety responsibilities is cause for concern.

    At a time of year when central heating is switched on for particularly long amounts of time, it’s important that gas appliances are working correctly and not leaking carbon monoxide or functioning incorrectly in other ways.

    It’s important that more is done to educate the public, and in particular landlords, about the importance of gas safety and the consequences of not having gas appliances checked on an annual basis.

    Anyone having work done on their boiler should also not be afraid of asking the visiting engineer for their Gas Safe Register Identification to show that they really are qualified to be working on the task at hand.

    Article by Benjamin Clarke


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    Fri 18th Nov 2016 - 9:26am Radiators Black 'FiveDay' Sale! 5% off everything 21st - 25th Nov 2016!

    Black 'FiveDay' Sale! 5% off everything 21st - 25th Nov 2016!


    Benjamin Clarke

    It's that time again, where we're pleased to announce our huge Black FiveDay sale!

    Instead of only discounting everything our site on Black Friday, we've decided to run our massive sales across the whole week from MONDAY 21st NOV to FRIDAY 25th NOV 2016! 5% off everything!

    This is a great time of year to purchase some new radiators or heated towel rails as there are still plenty of cold months to come. 

    Absolutely everything on our site is on sale for this special week so make sure you take advantage and grab yourself a bargain.

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    Article by Benjamin Clarke

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    Wed 2nd Nov 2016 - 1:29pm Competitions Winner of our £500 radiator voucher competition!

    Winner of our £500 radiator voucher competition!


    Benjamin Clarke

    In October, we ran an exciting competition on Instagram. All entrants had to do was follow us, upload a picture of one of the radiators in their home, tag it and explain why they wanted to win our grand prize of a £500 voucher for use on our website.

    Needless to say we had plenty of entries, ranging from previous customers showing off their recently installed purchases, to newcomers whose poor old rads were in desperate need of an upgrade.

    After much deliberation at Trade Radiators towers, we managed to select a winner, whose entry you can see as the main photo for this post!

    Congratulations to Rachel from Hertfordshire, who started renovating her Edwardian house in August 2016. 

    Rachel is 'super happy' to have one and here is what she had to say when she entered:

    "This is the 'heated' towel rail we have! Our house has no heating upstairs and limited heating downstairs. We are putting the pipes needed for central heating in now but would love some help to buy the radiators and towel rail! It's starting to get chilly! #weloverads #traderadiators @traderadiators #edwardianhouse #diy"

    Happily, Rachel has already used her voucher for a number of radiators and we're looking forward to seeing how they look once they're installed in her project!

    An honoury mention goes to Audrey from Cambridgeshire who came up with such a creative entry that we decided to give her a second prize of a £250 voucher for our store:

    "I'm feeling trapped with my current radiator and would love to replace it by a beautiful cast iron radiator to make a style statement in my hallway! #weloverads #traderadiators"

    Thank you for all of your entries, it was so hard to make a final decision. We'll be running another exciting competition soon and will announce it across our social media channels!

    Article by Benjamin Clarke

    Thu 27th Oct 2016 - 10:31am Energy and Heating The benefits of infrared heating panels in your home

    The benefits of infrared heating panels in your home


    Benjamin Clarke

    If you’ve ever stood in front of a bonfire on Guy Fawkes Night, felt the heat on your face and then put your hand in front of your face to shield yourself from the hot sensation, you’ve experienced infrared heat.

    Likewise, if you’ve ever been outside on a sunny winter’s day and felt the heat of the sun only to suddenly feel cold as soon as you move into the shade, you’ve experienced infrared heat.

    Finally, if you’ve ever watched a movie and seen a helicopter tracking someone using a colourful heat-seeking camera, you’ve seen that even humans emit infrared heat.

    Infrared heats objects directly

    Infrared heat is everywhere, even though we can’t see it as it falls just below the range of what the human eye can see on the electromagnetic spectrum.

    The infrared waves come from the sun and heat anything they come into direct contact with. Hence the reason your hand gets hot instead of your face when you protect yourself in front of that bonfire.

    The object that gets hit by the infrared waves absorbs the energy which causes that object’s molecules to vibrate, causing it to give off heat of it’s own.

    Traditional convection heating

    The most common way we currently heat our homes is via convection heat. A radiator heats a room by having hot water flow into it (or with electric heaters, the fluid inside is heated up).

    The radiator then heats the air around it, causing the hot air to rise and sucking cold air into it’s place to also be heated up.

    This process goes round and round until you switch the heating off and is known as convection heating.

    The benefits of infrared heat emitters in the home

    Now the power of infrared heating has been harnessed for use in homes via the use of infrared heaters.

    As we previously discussed, infrared heat warms up objects directly, rather than just heating the air (like traditional convection radiators do) and this has a huge amount of benefits and advantages for the homeowner.

    • Electric infrared heaters use considerably less energy (i.e. less money) to heat a room than convection heat emitters. This is because they heat objects like furniture or walls which have a thermal mass and retain their heat. Air has no thermal mass and needs to be constantly reheated in order to keep the room feeling warm.

    • Electric infrared heating panels can be switched on and off individually, meaning they don’t have to be on in rooms that you are not using, saving yourself further on heating bills.

    • It’s only takes an electric infrared heater 30 seconds to reach its optimal operating temperature. This is incredibly fast and means you start to feel warmth almost immediately, rather than the more lengthy ‘warming-up’ period you get with convection heat radiators.

    • Electric infrared panels are very thin and don’t stick out from the wall very far. This makes them very versatile regarding where they can be installed. They can even be installed high up if you have limited wall space or have concerns about children or pets touching them.

    • If your electric infrared heating panel is powered by solar panels, you will be heating your homes 100% emission free. Having a clean energy home is obviously great for reducing your carbon footprint and for the environment in general.

    • There is minimal maintenance required after an infrared heating panel has been installed which means no worries about limescale or internal corrosion reducing the performance and efficiency of the heater.

    As we’ve highlighted here, there are many benefits to considering having infrared heating panels in your home and we fully expect these to become increasingly popular as people seek a way to bring down their heating bills and reduce their impact on the environment.

    View our range of infrared heating panels here >>


    Article by Benjamin Clarke


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    Wed 19th Oct 2016 - 2:05pm Energy and Heating Why there's still work to do on educating the public about plumbing and heating

    Why there's still work to do on educating the public about plumbing and heating


    Benjamin Clarke

    A new survey amongst has revealed that, although the heating industry has been trying hard to educate the public on certain aspects of their heating systems, there's still a long way to go in raising their awareness on all kinds of issues.

    The worrying results show that we are still at the very beginning of the process in teaching people about gas safety, maintenance of their systems and a range of other heating related issues.

    Although this is frustrating, it should perhaps not be surprising, particularly in light of another recent survey that showed 80% of 25 - 34 year olds would call out a plumber to fix a dripping tap! (That survey also revealed 30% of men in the same age group still rely on their mum to iron their shirts!)

    All we can do in our industry is to keep plugging away and making a noise about the importance of central heating, how it's maintained and who's working on it, by continuing to make a fuss in the media about it.

    Plumbers, who have daily contact with the public, also have a responsibility to explain things clearly and use each visit as a way to gently educate their customers, rather than simple turning up to a job with minimal interaction. This will not only help to keep householders better informed but will also display a higher level of customer service, reflecting well on our industry.

    Below are those survey results in full courtesy of Worcester, Bosch Group:

    • 48% would not ask a heating engineer for their Gas Safe Id before allowing them to work on a gas appliance.

    • 33% not even aware their should ask for ID before allowing the engineer to start.

    • 19% didn't ask because the installer had been referred by a friend.

    • 12% were be too embarrassed to ask.

    • 11% felt the installer looked genuine.

    • 15% wouldn't ask if their heating broke down in winter.

    • 12% wouldn't ask if they had trouble trying to get hold of a heating engineer.

    • 10% had never had their boiler serviced.

    • 46% had skipped an annual boiler maintenance appointment.

    • 80% thought that annual boiler servicing should be made a legal requirement.

    Article by Benjamin Clarke


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