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Trade Radiators provide an unrivaled selection of Radiator Valves, from modern to traditional, copper to chrome, thermostatic to manual we should have a set to suit your requirements. Please choose from the below or use the filters on the left to narrow down your search. All our valves come with extensive guarantees and free 24hr delivery. If you require assistance please contact our knowledgeable team on 0141 225 0430.

You will find everything from valves, hangers and hooks here and you can always get advice on certain maintenance aspects from our blog. Here at Trade Radiators we try to make sure you can get everything you will need from us and help you save money in the process. High quality radiator accessories suitable for use with selected ranges. All at the lowest price and with free 24hr delivery.

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How do I know which valves I need?

When choosing valves, the first question to ask is do I want to be able to control the temperature of the room the radiator is going in? If yes then you will require thermostatic valves otherwise you will need manual valves.

What's the difference between a manual valve and a thermostatic valve?

Thermostatic radiator valves (TRV's) work by monitoring the ambient room temperature by using an inbuilt thermostat. By adjusting the number on the valve it operates by opening and closing to reach and maintain the desired level. TRV's can help maximise the efficiency of your central heating system by reducing energy consumption. TRV's are now a requirement as part of building regulation relating to new builds and refurbishments. 

Manual valves have a simple on/off operation and allow a constant flow of water through the radiator regardless of the room temperature. The radiators will continue to get warmer untill the room thermostat (normally fitted in the hall) reaches its set point or the programmer turns the heating off. All heating systems should have 1x radiator near the thermostat that is just fitted with manual valves so as not to conflict with each other.

How do Thermostatic valves (TRV's) work?

In a nut shell, a TRV works by adjusting the temperature of a radiator in accordance to the temperature of a room. It does this by adjusting the flow of hot water into the radiator. As the room cools for example the valve recognises this and allows an increased flow of hot water in to the radiator. When the room is heated to the desired level the valve will work to maintain the temperature by gradually closing the valve to decrease the heat in the room and the rad.

To work effectively TRV's need a free flow of air around them so they can sense the room temperature. If they are smothered by curtains or furniture it will hamper their performance in heating the room. 

The following points should be noted:

TRV's do not a directly control the temperature of the boiler, this is controlled by the room thermostat.

By turning the TRV's up, this doesn't mean the room will heat up any quicker, only that the room will be regulated at a higher temperature. The speed of how quick the room warms is due to the size of the boiler and the material choice and surface area of the radiators in the room.

For a more detailed explanation of how thermostatic valves work please watch the video below.

Do I need a straight, angled or corner valves?

Generally each manual or thermostatic valve is available in three different styles, straight, angled and corner. The style you require depends on two things. 1. Where do the valves fit on the radiator (this is stated on each product, either side or bottom) and 2. Are your pipes are coming from the floor or the wall. A useful pictorial guide can be found here to help you choose. Do I need a straight, angled or corner valves?

If I'm ordering a duel fuel heated towel rail, what valves do I need?

Dual fuel radiators are slightly unique due to the chrome T piece. The chrome T piece allows the electric element to be inserted into the rail while still allowing water to flow in and out. If your pipes are coming from the wall you will require a pair of angled valves as normal however, if your pipes are coming from the floor, what will be required is a single straight valve and a single angled valve [See pic]. When ordering simply order straight valves, our experienced staff understand that this means 1x straight & 1x angled required.

Do I need to purchase valves from you or can I use existing ones?

All our products come with British Standard, 15mm (½") tapings. This means almost any valve on the market will fit our radiators and heated towel rails. The likelihood is, should you wish, that you be able to use existing valves. Valves however, do get tired over time and we do recommend if you are getting a new radiator to fit new valves. It should be noted that if required and upon request our cast iron radiators can be supplied with ¾" tapings.
Valves are offered in two distinct types, manual and thermostatic. Please note our valves are supplied as a pair. 

How do I change a manual valve to a thermostatic valve?

One of the main reasons to change to a thermostatic valve set from a manual set up would be to allow you to adjust the temperature of the the room the heater is in. This can be both a cost saving and comfort measure.

Please see the video below for a full description on how to change from a manual to a thermostatic valve.

What's a drain off valve and do I need one?

A drain off valve is as described, it is to be fitted on a radiator or towel rail on the lowest level of the property. They are often on radiators in utility rooms so when a hose is connected to the valve it can be rooted outside easily to allow the water to drain away. The heating is to be turned off and left to cool. The drain off valve is simply opened and the water from the central heating is allowed to drain out. This makes draining the system a very easy process.

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Are your valves bidirectional?

All our manual valves are bidirectional, it does not matter which valve is fitted to either side of the radiator.

In the case of the thermostatic valves it is recomended that the thermostatic head is fitted on the in flow.

There is a banging noise coming from the radiator valves?

If the thermostatic head is fitted on the out flow side of the radiator it can be the case that it starts to give a banging noise when it's trying to regulate to temperature. 

To remedy this problem, with an alan key, restrict the flow coming in through the lock shield by tightening the nut. The way to check which is the inflow is to feel the pipes feeding the radiators when the heating turns on. The inflow will the be the pipe that will get hot first.

What if I have 10mm or 8mm pipe work?

If you have a microbore set up all our radiators and heated towel rails will be suitable (except our cast iron radiators). When ordering valves simply select the size of microbore reducer required, they are available as 10mm and 8mm and supplied as a pair. If you have mircobore piping and wish to have cast iron radiators, the system can be adapted by having at least a run of 1 meter of of 15mm pipe before the pipe is reduced. Please check and speak with your plumber though before undertaking this.

Do I need pipe sleeves and what are they for?

Pipe sleeves are purely an aesthetic addition. They work by sliding over the copper or flexi pipe to give a consistent finish from the valve to the floor or wall. The sleeves are supplied with feet which give a great finish and cover any cut marks or rough finish where the heating pipes come through the surface of tiles or plaster board. We supply matching pipe sleeves to go with all the finishes of valves we offer.

How much is delivery?

Unlike most other sites, all products advertised on the Trade Radiators website come with FREE delivery. This applies to all mainland UK addresses and there is no minimum order value to receive free shipping. Please note for deliveries outside of the mainland there may be a surcharge.

How long will my product take to arrive?

Each product has the predicted delivery date stated next to the product. The days quoted next to the product(s) are working days.

For further detials please read the information on the following page. 

What area does your free delivery policy cover?

We offer free delivery to all mainland UK addresses. Please note all areas that are not on the mainland (including N.I. and UK Islands) may carry a surcharge.

How are the items delivered?

Deliveries are made, in the main, by outside courier companies and are usually made between the hours of 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday. Please note that couriers UK wide are only contracted/insured to deliver kerb/roadside therefore you may have to bring the radiator(s) into your property yourself and for large or heavy items you may require assistance.

Can I specify a certain day/time to have my order delivered?

Can I track my order?

If you contact us on the day we can provide a consignment number and can contact the courier to best ascertain an ETA of the delivery. Please note, sometimes it can be difficult to contact the driver to get a fixed time, however we will endeavour to narrow it down for you.

What do I do if my towel rail is damaged, not what I ordered or if it doesn't arrive?

How do I return a product?

You can return an item if the following criteria is met:
" must be in resellable condition
" must be free from scratches and/or defects
" must not have been installed
" must have the original packaging for the item, and there cannot be any writing on the original packaging.
Clearance items are not eligible for return unless defective.