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White Delta Radiators

1.5mm thick steel | 15 Year Guarantee | Powdercoated finish | RAL 9013 | Gloss Finish | Side entry for valves | Next day delivery

Looking to give your living room an update in the style department? You might want to take a look at our white designer radiators, giving special attention to our range of white Delta radiators. Made of 1.5mm thick steel, these slight looking radiators have a lot of power and can work efficiently while still looking good in your living room, hallway or bedroom.

White Delta radiators have a gloss finish making them very easy to keep clean. The special powdercoated finish helps them keep their lustre for a long time too. We sell this model in two types depending on what space you're working with: a single panel and double panel radiators.

The single panel is ideal for anyone who always feels like they're working within a small space and every inch of space that'sfree matters. If you're considering putting a radiator like this in your hallway at home, we recommend a reliable single panel with a height of 550mm and a width in the 790mm-990mm range. They have a fantastic BTU output for their size.

If you're unsure what exactly BTU is or what level you need for a room, try our handy heating calculator. It will help you figure what radiator size works best depending on a number of factors you might never have thought influence insulation like room position and what type of roof you have.

Our double panel white delta radiators are in high demand in the autumn months as they are known amongst customers to be extremely powerful radiators. We find that many customers within the business and retail world will go for the 1800mm by 415mm model as it has an extremely powerful BTU output of over 6,000 and can heat up larger spaces quite quickly.

With every white Delta designer radiator we have for sale on site, free delivery is included in the price as we work directly with manufacturers to be able to pass on the savings to you. And that goes for all of our white designer radiators too, like the white Nevo range and white Saturn range which also come with a 15-year guarantee.

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Single Panel - Projection From Wall 130mm | Wall to Pipe Centres 65mm

DetailsHeight (mm)Width (mm)Pipe Centres (mm)BTU (Δ50)WattsStockRRPPrice (£)Buy
(H)1800mm x (W)295mm
BTU 2386 | 700 Watts
Pipe Centres 375mm
In Stock
1800 295375 2386 700£200.00
(H)1800mm x (W)415mm
BTU 3340 | 979 Watts
Pipe Centres 493mm
In Stock
1800 415493 3340 979£260.00
(H)550mm x (W)395mm
BTU 1518 | 445 Watts
Pipe Centres 475mm
In Stock
550 395475 1518 445£145.00
(H)550mm x (W)595mm
BTU 2277 | 668 Watts
Pipe Centres 675mm
In Stock
550 595675 2277 668£195.00
(H)550mm x (W)790mm
BTU 3036 | 890 Watts
Pipe Centres 870mm
In Stock
550 790870 3036 890£245.00
(H)550mm x (W)990mm
BTU 3795 | 1113 Watts
Pipe Centres 1070mm
In Stock
550 9901070 3795 1113£295.00
(H)550mm x (W)1185mm
BTU 4554 | 1335 Watts
Pipe Centres 1265mm
Stock arriving: Mid Apr
550 11851265 4554 1335 Mid Apr £345.00

Double Panel - Projection From Wall 130mm | Wall to Pipe Centres 65mm | RAL 9016 | Gloss Finish

DetailsHeight (mm)Width (mm)Pipe Centres (mm)BTU (Δ50)WattsStockRRPPrice (£)Buy
(H)1800mm x (W)295mm
BTU 4653 | 1365 Watts
Pipe Centres 375mm
In Stock
1800 295375 4653 1365£355.00
(H)1800mm x (W)415mm
BTU 6513 | 1910 Watts
Pipe Centres 493mm
In Stock
1800 415493 6513 1910£475.00

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