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Vertical & Designer Radiators

We offer a large selection of Designer Radiators here at Trade Radiators. Whether you're looking for a stylish vertical radiator to be the main feature in the dining room, a slimline tall white radiator to fit that small alcove in the hall way, a large striking brushed satin stainless steel radiator as a focal point in the living room or a lightweight aluminium radiator for that wall in the attic conversion, we're confident we will have one to suit.

Take a look at the superb selection of designer radiators available at Trade Radiators below and find the perfect one for your home.
  • Stainless Steel Designer Radiators
  • Horizontal Designer Radiators
  • Vertical Designer Radiators
  • Aluminium Designer Radiators
  • Designer Electric Radiators
  • Coloured Designer Radiators

  • Stainless Steel Designer Radiators

    Made using high grade 304 stainless steel, these radiators are some the sturdiest available. Their sturdy nature makes them the perfect radiator for a busy family home, while their stylish finish and design ensures that these radiators wont look out of place in a trendy environment. The skyline 1600mm x 230mm is a great example to showcase vertical radiators with a gleaming polished stainless steel design that is almost mirror like. The slim design means the radiator only projects 70mm from the wall, taking up no space at all.

    Horizontal Designer Radiators

    If you want to make a statement in your home, these more contemporary radiators are perfect with their versatile nature allowing them to be placed on even the thinnest of walls, often being fitted in modern kitchens, lounges, hallways and bedrooms, The Osimo 1800mm x 600mm one of our incredible designer horizontal radiators that is always very popular with our customers and it's no wonder why. It is another vertical type radiator with a high polished chrome finish to give it that highly desired mirror effect, making it great for rooms that rely on mirror furnishings to spread natural light.

    Aluminium Designer Radiators

    If you want a radiator that heats up quicker than the rest, look no further than an aluminium radiator. These stunning radiators are perfect if you want to find a specific finish to suit the decor of the room they are being placed in. These radiators are stylish and energy efficient making them the perfect choice for the savvy household and with a 25 year guarantee we are confident the quality and robustness of these radiators will exceed your expectations.

    Designer Electric Radiators

    Only requiring a power point, these easy to install and more economical radiators are perfect if you want to add heat to your home, without having to fit an expensive pipe network. Due to these radiators having no pipe network, they require very little maintenance compared to other types of radiators. These stunning electric radiators are very versatile and are available in a variety of finishes including mirror, black, white and anthracite so can fit perfectly in a variety of locations around your building.

    Coloured Designer Radiators

    If you want to add a little extra elegance to a room, coloured radiators are the best way forward. these contemporary designs look every inch luxury and are perfect to elevate any room. available in black, silver, anthracite, white and chrome you are sure to find the perfect one to suit your decor among our selection.

    Designer Radiators - frequently asked questions

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    Popular Questions

    Do designer radiators cost more?

    Designer radiators can cost more than a traditional radiator or classic convector radiator. It will mainly depend on the brand you want to purchase.

    At Trade Radiators we try to ensure you get the best price possible and work directly with manufacturers to pass the savings on to customers.

    Are designer radiators efficient?

    Designer radiators are incredibly efficient. They may look great but they also have a very high performance level.

    The bigger the designer radiator is, the higher its BTU output will be.

    Is a designer radiator easy to fit?

    Designer radiators are as easy to fit as traditional radiators.

    The designer radiators we have at Trade Radiators come with all the necessary parts needed to ensure you can install a new radiator correctly.

    Choosing the correct designer radiator - Be sure to check out our Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration

    What size designer radiator do I need?

    Normally, the bigger the designer radiator and the more panels, the greater the heat output. Heat output is measured in BTUs or Watts. For selecting a designer radiator to adequately heat your room, please use our handy heat calculator.

    TOOL - Trade Radiators heating calculator.

    What is the difference between BTUs and Watts?

    British Thermal Units (BTUs) and Watts (W) are simply different ways of measuring the heat output of radiators. We display both on our website.
    If you need to convert BTUs to Watts, divide by 3.412.
    If you need to convert Watts to BTUs, multiply by 3.412.

    What are radiator pipe centres?

    The pipe centre measurement is the distance between the central points of the two pipe inlets on each designer radiator. If you have a standard, hot water central heating system, this measurement is important because you are likely to use the existing pipework to install your radiator. Measuring the distance between your existing pipes and purchasing a designer radiator with a very similar pipe centre measurement will make it much easier to install with minimal changes to your pipework.

    For a pictorial representation please follow below link.

    INFOGRAPHIC - How do I measure my pipe centres

    What is radiator projection?

    This is the distance from the wall to the front of the radiator. Essentially, it's how far the radiator sticks out from the wall. If you have a small or narrow space, it would be better for you to select a radiator with a small projection measurement.

    To see a pictorial representation please follow the below link.

    INFOGRAPHIC - How do I measure my projection

    How do I know what radiator valves I need?

    "There are three different types that you should be aware of; straight valves, angled valves and corner valves.

    There are many different styles of standard or thermostatic valves, which you can match up to the style of your designer radiator. "

    Will a designer radiator heat my kitchen?

    Usually yes, providing the output of the radiator is greater than the heat loss of the room. If you have a particularly large room, we recommend having more than one radiator to give an even heat distribution. Feel free to find out the heat output you need by using our heat calculator.

    TOOL - Trade Radiators heating calculator

    Where do the valves fit into the radiator?

    Valves will either fit at the bottom or the side of the radiator, depending on its style. The positioning of the valves is stated within the description of all designer radiators on our website. To see how the valves wiil look when fitted please refer to the following infographic.

    INFOGRAPHIC - Where the valves fit to the radiators

    What is the paint finish like on your designer radiators?

    All of our paint finish designer radiators are of a high quality 'powder coat' paint finish and are applicable to radiators that are black, anthracite and white. We clearly label the type of finish of every designer radiator in the descriptions on our website.

    What grade of stainless steel are designer radiators made from?

    All of our stainless steel designer radiators are made from high quality Grade 304 stainless steel. To read more on why this Grade 304 is so well-suited to radiator manufacturing, please read the following article.

    BLOG - Why grade 304 stainless steel is used for heated towel rails

    What's the difference between polished and satin stainless steel finishes?

    A polished stainless steel finish gives a mirror-style reflective finish. A satin or brushed stainless steel finish has more of a smooth matt, non-reflective finish. Both have the same heat outputs and guarantees so choosing a polished or satin finish is purely down to personal preference.

    Why do stainless steel and aluminium radiators have longer guarantees?

    While all of our designer radiators are manufactured to the highest possible quality, stainless steel and alumiunium are non-ferrous metals, which are naturally more resistant to corrosion than mild steel with a powder coat finish. Because of the nature of the materials, we offer the appropriate length of guarantees depending on the metal. All radiators on our website are clearly labelled with their manufacturing material and the length of guarantee. Which finish you choose should always be appropriate to your budget and style preferences.

    Which radiators give the best heat output?

    Aluminium designer radiators usually give the best heat output. This is due to Aluminium being an excellent conductor of heat and an ability to reach the desired temperature very quickly.

    You can read more about the benefits of aluminium radiators in the article below

    Blog - Why are aluminium radiators so popular?

    What's the best finish of radiator to go in my kitchen?

    Of course, this is completely down to personal preference depending on your personal tastes and your style of kitchen. However, a very popular choice for kitchens among our customers is a designer radiator with a satin stainless steel finish as these often look great with kitchen appliances.

    What is the best radiator for limited wall space?

    We would advise selecting a vertical designer radiator if you have limited horizontal wall space. Vertical radiators make the most of upwards, vertical space and have been an excellent development in radiator technology as many of us move into smaller and smaller spaces.

    Blog - The benefits of choosing a vertical radiator

    How far will the radiator stick out from the wall?

    To determine this, please look at the 'Projection' measurement that is listed on every radiator on our website. The projection measurement is how far the radiator sticks out from the wall.

    I want to replace my standard radiator with a designer radiator. How do I know what heat output my existing standard radiator has?

    It is best to approach this question with what you NEED for your room rather than working out what you already have. Your existing radiator might not been replaced since your house was built or it may have been a replacement that is the wrong size for the room. Radiator efficiency has come a long way over the last decade, so we advise you to use our heat calculator to establish the correct heat output for your room and select a suitable new radiator accordingly.

    I need to replace all of my radiators in my house/project but don't know where to start. Can you help?

    Yes, this is a common request because it can be such a daunting task and we are more than happy to assist. We can provide a 'spreadsheet schedule' that will tell you what size radiator you need in each room, what styles would look good and much more. Please don't hesitate to contact us on 0141 225 0430 or info@traderadiators.com for further assistance.

    Installing and maintaining a designer radiator

    Do your designer radiators come with something to fix it to the wall?

    Yes all of our designer radiators come with wall brackets, fixings and everything you need to fix them to the wall.

    Can I install a designer radiator myself?

    Yes, it's certainly possible to carry out this task yourself, especially if you have DIY and plumbing experience. However, we would always recommend you use the services of a professional due to additional tasks that may need to be done when installing a radiator. Such things can include draining the system, balancing the system, moving pipework and adding a chemical inhibitor to your system. If you do want to install your designer radiator yourself, you may find the videos below, featuring Jimmy the Trade Radiators plumber, useful.

    VIDEO - How to fit a vertical radiator

    VIDEO - How to install a stainless steel radiator

    VIDEO - How to install a heated towel rail, a step by step guide

    VIDEO - Installing a heated towel rail timelapse.

    Can I bleed my designer radiator myself?

    "Yes you can. Most designer radiators have removable bleed plugs that you can access should you need to let air out of a radiator.

    The video below features Jimmy the Trade Radiators plumber explaining how to bleed a radiator. "

    VIDEO - How to bleed a heated towel rail

    What do I do if my designer radiator is cold & won't get hot?

    If you have employed a professional to install your new designer radiator, they should also check that it's actually working and getting hot before finishing the job. If this is the case, then you should not encounter this problem. However, if you have installed the radiator yourself, you may experience this problem, though fortunately it's usually fairly easy to fix. Jimmy the Trade Radiators plumber explains in the video below exactly how to fix a radiator that won't get hot.

    VIDEO - How to fix a radiator that won't get hot

    What do I do if my designer radiator gets warm but not hot?

    If your radiator is only getting warm, it's highly likely that your central heating system needs balancing. We recommend calling in a professional to balance your system, but if you want to tackle it yourself, Jimmy the Trade Radiators plumber explains how to do it in the video below.

    VIDEO - How to balance your heating system

    What should I use to clean my designer radiator?

    Do not use a strong detergent as this may cause damage to the metal or finish.

    What can I do if my designer radiator problem isn't covered above?

    We recommend that you call in a professional to have a good look at your central heating system, though you can look at the helpful blog post below.

    BLOG - How to fix common radiator problems


    Designer Radaitor Feedback

    Below are a few of the positive comments we receive every day from delighted customers:

    Hi there, Just a quick message to say I received my radiator a couple of days ago and I am absolutely thrilled to bits weith it. It is far, far nicer than I expected it to be and I just love it. It is not installed yet as my bathroom is still in the process of being refurbished but I just wanted to say how pleased I am.
    S. Travis, Hythe

    Hi, I am pleased to say I am was very happy with my order. Delivery was fast and the radiator was well packed. My towel radiator has now been fitted. It throws out alot of heat and is a focal point in the bathroom with its contemporary look. The added bonus was your competitive prices. I shopped around on the internet and found you to have the most competitive prices against many others including certain 'high street' DIY stores. I have recommended you to others.
    C. Shelmerdine, Tarvin

    On the 29th os september 2010 I ordered a Lupari radiator and on that same day I recieved a email confirming that I had bought it foolowed shortly afterwards by a second email telling me that it would be delivered the next day..... honestly I looked at the second email and thought you had got the date wrong but the next day my radiator turned up in pristine condition. This is not execelent service its beyond that . Thankyou to all at Trade Radiators for a fast and faultless service.
    G. Penny, London

    Great doing business with you, thoroughly recommend. Thankyou
    R. Gunn, Nottingham

    We found your website easy to use and ordering was quick and easy to follow. We received the radiator 9.30am following the day of order which was extremely quick and efficient.
    G. James, Cheshire

    This is to tell you my radiator arrived just before midday. I'm very impressed with the speed of your service. Thank you very much.
    S. Corbett, Trowbridge

    I ordered late Sunday evening, arrived Tuesday, courier very helpful, very pleased, many thanks.
    I, Allen, Buckinghamshire

    Arrived 1000 this morning in good shape. Brilliant service. Thank you. I'll be back.
    P, Gabbott, Tadley

    Hi Sorry for delay in getting in touch. Thank you for your prompt service. Radiators not yet in use plumber held up! However everything looks fine & impressed with service. Would gladly recommend you to others. Many thanks
    F, Byam, Ipswich

    I was very impressed with the service I received from your company, from the delivery service which was amazing fast, to the quality of the product. I would certainly use your company again, and already have. and recommend you to other people. Please feel free to use my feedback.
    P, Crowe, Essex

    At 09.50 hrs yesterday Monday 28 Jan 2013 I made the above order. At 08.15 today Tuesday 29th Jan 2013 the oder was delivered.
    I am impressed with your response and wish other companies were as diligent in responding to their customer needs.
    Thank you and I will recommend your company when the opportunity arises.
    Best Regards
    J,Duncan Wells, Dorset

    Fantastic service, fantastic product. I worked at B&Q during my time at uni and found the radiators there poorly finished and packaged. This radiator has a high quality finish and came packaged in a wooden box. The radiator was delivered bang on 24hrs after ordering. Well worth the money!
    J. Francis, Kent

    Over the moon! Could not do better for the price I paid for my Stainless Steel Radiator, and the delivery was amazing. Ordered at 10.30am received 7.45am the following day.
    T. Childs, Herts.

    Just to say designer stainless radiator arrived first class service once again will definatley recommened your company thankyou
    K. Parmenter, Grimsby.

    I really appreciate the great service from your company. I've told my friends here how great you were to deal with... so if anyone here need any of your products I'll be sure to stear them your way. Thanks again.
    D. Whillets, Ireland

    The speed of service was amazing, I ordered the radiators late morning and they were delivered at 8.00am the following day very well packaged.
    C. Llyod, Letchworth

    I am very impressed with Trade Radiators and would certainly order from you again.
    H. Bushnell , Chester

    Hi, rad iator arrived early this morning, looks great, thanks for a speedy service and will recommend you.
    T. Dove , Somerset

    Last week I purchased a towel radiator from you. I just wanted you to know how impressed I was with the service and quality of product. The service you provide is excellent - delivery was exactly as promised - which is very unusual these days!! Thank you for making the purchase easy. I would have no hesitation in purchasing from you again or recommending you to friends.
    G. Gray, Hull

    Dear Sirs, Well impressed with radiator, price and speedy delivery.
    S. Hammond, Stevenage

    We just wanted to say how efficient your company is, we recieved our radiator and accessories very quicly here in Spain. Our kitchen fitter was so impresses, cannot buy them at thgis price here, you really should advertise in here in Spain. I think our kitchen fitting company is going to contact you direct.
    A big thank you to all your staff for the most efficient buy .
    A. Levett, West Sussex

    First class service ordered wed lunch time arrived thurs lunch time. will use you again and recommend.
    J. Grayson, Durham

    We were very impressed with Trade Radiators from the minute we visited their website. Clear, concise and accurate...I knew Trade Radiators would be a company I would like to do business with.
    Very Helpful staff on the telephone, and extremely prompt delivery. High quality product that we are thrilled with, and will recommend Trade Radiators to anyone. Fantastic Quality & Value from a Fantastic friendly Company. Keep up the good business,
    M&H Davies, South Wales

    Very pleased with the products. Delivery service worked well in being able to re-deliver on a day of my choosing. Regards
    P. Holloway, Bournemouth

    The service was excellent with a next day delivery. The quality of the radiator was also first class and I feel that I have received great value for money. The person who installed the radiator for me was equally impressed and has made a note of your address and web site for future use. Sincerely
    L. Shelton, Sheffield.

    I was very pleased with the towel radiator you supplied which arrived the next day. One of the fixings was slightly scratched so I telephoned your aftersales service and spoke to a very friendly gentleman ( no pre recorded message which was nice! ) and he was extremely helpful and sent a replacement which also arrived the very next day. Very pleased with the service you provide and I will definitely use you again. p.s. the radiator looks great in my new bathroom!
    Y. Beven, Dorset.

    Stainless steel radiator looks excellent, what a great service; what more can I say!
    M. Roe, Gloustershire.

    Did not believe the 24 hr delivery but I was wrong !radiator received @ 12.30 don't know how you do it for price & quality but keep it up you have restored my faith in on line shopping regards J. Kell, Devon.

    I received my stainless steel curved heated towel rail this morning. I would like to thank you for the excellent service you have provided from start to finish. I would thoroughly recommend your products to anyone looking for an easy and professional transaction. Once again many thanks.
    R. Whysall, Derbyshire.

    I was very pleased with the service from your company and the delivery was excellent. I am happy to say that the radiator is installed and working very well and I have a lovely warm bathroom. Thank you.
    C. Burgess, North Yorkshire

    I am 100 per cent happy with my purchase and the service that I received.Thank you.
    J.A. Carter, Essex

    Thank you for having just what I was looking for, the transaction and delivery were easy. Thanks
    A. Ross, Dorset

    Delighted with the radiators - haven't got them fitted yet, they should be on the wall next week. Service was first class. Many thanks.
    A. MacNab, Argyll

    We are very happy with our purchase. It fits perfectly into an ensuite and looks very stylish.
    L. Hill, Wiltshire

    Yes arrived very promptly and we are very pleased with the design and heat output
    Thank you for your good service
    R. Henderson, London

    I am totally satisfied with my purchase. It has been installed and works efficiently.
    W. Coward, Essex

    Yes I am very satisfied with the product and with the fast delivery and service. There was a problem with the wrong towel rail being delivered; this was remedied with a replacement towel rail being delivered and swapped the next day. Regards,
    L. Cornell, Hampshire

    Excellent service, fast delivery from ordering, very pleased with the quality of your product.
    J. Brearley, Barnsley

    Hi, Happy with service and product.
    R. Coates, Radlett

    Hello there, I received the radiators within a few days of ordering them. They are fitted now and they look great in my new bathroom and the price was very competitive, for similar radiator B&Q were going to charge me three times as much! So they were a great buy!
    G.C. Bell, County Durham

    Really impressed, price very competative, radiator looks fab and was delivery very quickly - thank you!
    H.M. Randall, Vale of Glamorgan

    Very happy with the service received - on time and with no problem.
    J.A. White, Cheshire

    Hi, I was very satisfied with my service and have already recommended you to two
    friends! If only I had ordered the valves at the same time!! You should have a
    little pop up window at checkout which reminds customers they will need to
    buy a valve with the radiator. You were cheaper than most suppliers too.
    Many thanks
    F. Loonat, West Yorkshire

    The service was fine and delivery prompt. The radiator looks good and works well.
    M. Herbert, Farnham

    Just to say that the replacement towel rail arrived this morning at 08.15 - Thank you though for your prompt response - as ever your customer service is brilliant!
    S. Davidson, Surrey

    Radiator now fitted - very pleased with the quality and the price of this item. Thanks
    A. Sarjeant, Rutland

    Thank you for the excelent service, ordered 20.25 on Monday, delivered 14.00 Wednesday, installed and working 17.30 Wednesday, Fantastic.
    G. Woodley, Dundee

    Just to say the order arrived at 9:00am this morning and although I
    haven't unpacked it, wanted to say thanks for the excellent, swift
    service! Cheers,
    D. Mullin, Wirral

    Thanks for very quick reply and help with getting part missing from radiator.
    You were also excellent when we had a problem with a radiator being damaged in transit.
    I only have praise for you and the company.
    Above and beyond what I would expect.
    B. Rumball, Woking

    Hi, Thank you very much for your very speedy delivery of my radiator. May I say what a super delivery man he was who delivered it. Nothing was too much trouble for him as my husband is partially sighted it was up to me to inspect the radiator and the driver was so helpful. In this day and age of everybody complaining I think thanks should be given to someone who was so helpful. Thnak you once again. ( I am very pleased with my radiator as well)
    J.Payton. Staffordshire

    I would like to pass on sincere praise to your staff. I ordered one of your vertical radiators and it was delivered exactly as "the tin" said- within 24hours. Excellent service. Not only this but I had inadvertently put my old address' postcode on the delivery address. I telephoned your shop/branch several times - not once did your staff complain at me or make me feel uncomfortable for the repeated calls for checking the delivery time. You checked with the delivery company on several occasions and each time were extremely helpful. This is professionalism at it's best. Thank you for what I can only describe as a refreshing service. Yours sincerely,
    J. Macintyre, Reading

    Radiators arrived on Friday am - courtesy of TNT's ace, award-winning deliverer, Graham, who delivered here only a few weeks ago. We await the radiators being fitted, possibly this week, but they do look lovely. Kind regards to you and those nice young women in the front line,
    S. Cornfield, Croydon

    W. Wise, Chorleywood

    Have now installed the above radiator and am chuffed to bits on how well this looks and the amount of heat it kicks out - very important due to the aspect of the room.
    I'd also like to express my pleasure at the speed of delivery, the excellent packaging so everything arrived in perfect condition and of course, the quality and cost of this product. Will definitely recommend you to others!
    Just for your information, we've been asked by our plumber for your details so he can take a look at your range of products on line too.

    Thanks again for your service -
    E Crook, Leyland

    Just wanted to thank you for such an efficient service in providing our new towel radiator. Everything went very smoothly, from using your website through to delivery, and it was very welcome to have a telephone query dealt with so promptly and helpfully. Thanks for an excellent service.
    T Patterson, Hants

    Comments as follows.
    Radiators are excellent. Delivery was on schedule. Very pleased with
    service. Automatic vents are a good idea and work well.
    Only comment, could you please send me a receipt so I can claim back the
    VAT. Thank you
    B. Chesmer, Haverfordwest

    To whom it may concern, just want to say a big thank you for your service. Ordered Radiator Towel Rail last week end, received on Tuesday and had it fitted today, what a difference it has made, excellent product quality and service will certainly be recommending you to friends and family. Thank you so much.
    M. Murphy, Staffs.

    Why can't all companies be like this, you place an order, they ring to confirm delivery date, they deliver when they say, what more can I say, job done.
    B. Frost, Newcastle

    Further Feedback

    Dear Trade Radiators,
    I felt I must e-mail my sincere thanks for such an efficient service. The radiator was ordered after 2pm on the Thursday last week, and arrived at 9am on Friday the following day. I informed you on Tuesday following that the wrong valves had arrived, but was delighted that correct ones arrived in less than 24 hours! Very impressive. It was such a relief that not only was the order processed amazingly quickly but the small problem of the valves was sorted out without question and processed in the same speedy way. I have returned the other valves by post and hope they arrive with you soon. The radiator is now fitted, in full working order, and I would not hesitate to order from you again for the second bathroom. I will certainly recommend your company to friends and neighbours. Many, many thanks.Sincerely
    M. Cooper, Derbyshire

    I brought a black high gloss radiator from you a few weeks ago. It is absolutely gorgeous! (I never thought i'd say that about a radiator!). It is a real feature in my new kitchen, i am so pleased with it. Excellent delivery and packaging too. I am just on line again now to order a towel rail. Highly recommended. Very happy customer. Thank you. :-)
    G. Silvia, London

    Super fast delivery, very impressive. Simple to use website too.
    Unfortunately the rads I purchased haven't been installed as there's a delay
    with the plasterers so I can't comment on their functionality yet.
    thank you
    S.M. Wilson, Nottingham

    Once again thank you so much for your help, advice and lovely warm manner. Such a breath of fresh air! Look forwarding to doing business with you again. Have a lovely day ! Kind regards,
    C. Taylor, Canvey Island

    Many thanks for excellent service. Radiator arrived in good order.
    A Donaldson, Falkirk

    Just a quick note to say , thank you for your prompt response and to say that I have been really impressed with the service I had received from you.
    Thank you
    C Bundy, Abeerden

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU received the promised radiators this morning. Excellent service.
    G Gardner, Shropshire

    With reference to the above, we have received the radiator thank you very much for the speedy delivery etc. This is the 2nd time we have dealt with your company and would highly recommend you. Regards,
    J Marshall, Dumfriesshire

    We want to thank you for your help and a flexible response to our cause. The radiator is on the way to us. Once again a big thank for you!
    H Gustry, Hungary

    Just a quick message to thank all at Trade Radiators. Superb service and product quality, I ordered the radiators around lunchtime and they arrived the very same day at 5pm. One of the best businesses I have had the pleasure to deal with. Will definitely use Trade Radiators, when I start refurbishing my own new home in a year from now. Kindest regards
    M Gani, London

    I'm really satisfied with the service I received from Trade Radiators. The whole process from ordering to delivery was spot-on, with everything arriving on time and as expected. Even when I ordered the wrong valves - my fault entirely - your team were very understanding and organized a prompt exchange. Now I'm really looking forward to having my 'Monza' up and working. I’d wholeheartedly recommend your website! Thanks!
    I O'Neil, Nottingham.

    I am sorry Ihave been such a nusisance but I cannot thank you enough for sorting out my problem and at such a reasonable pirce. I have to say your customer service is excellent!!!!!
    I am a very satisfied customer!!! Thank you again Stacey for your help and sorry for being a nuisance. Have a great weekend!!
    M Rich, Sussex.

    I'd just like to say how efficient and friendly the service was that I received from Trade Radiators. Even when there was a slight glitch with the delivery of the second (of two) radiators, Claire dealt with the situation without raising my anxiety levels. Nothing was too much trouble and everything was done on my behalf. What a treat to receive such good old-fashioned service. Keep it up everyone and I will recommend you whole-heartedly to friends and colleagues. (And Claire, you're one in a million!)
    D Summings, London.

    The total BTU you need is bigger than any of the radiators on this page. You're going to need more than one!

    Stuck? Give us a call on 0141 225 0430

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