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Eco Electric Radiators

Our eco electric heaters are manufactured in Spain from specialised die cast aluminium. The individual panels of our radiators are designed as such to allow for maximum convection of warm air, whilst the super conductor quality of the aluminium allows for rapid heat exchange ensuring that the surface of the radiator is heated quickly and evenly thereby projecting more heat out and into the room. Their ultra-efficient design ensures that the maximum heat output is achieved from the minimal power input making them very eco-efficient.

We offer them in two types, Non-Programmable and Programmable: The Non-Programmable version is operated by two analogue dials. The first dial accurately controls the temperature from a frost setting * to 10. If the frost setting is selected the heater will automatically come on if the temperature drops below 3 degrees Celsius to prevent sub-zero temperature causing damage to your home. The second dial switches between three operational modes; 'Off', 'Sun' and 'Moon'. With the Sun mode selected the heater maintains the temperature set with the temperature control dial. Moon mode maintains the temperature 3 degrees lower than the temperature dial in order to conserve energy.

The programmable version has the same features as the non-programmable version but with the added advantage of a 24/7 timer and a digital interface. The digital interface has a built in electronic thermostat which allows the setting of temperatures to an accuracy of 0.5 degrees Celsius. The timer allows for programmes to be set for individual days using both the 'Sun' and 'Moon' mode. It is also possible to allocate different programs to different days of the week so you can always be sure will not be wasting energy by having the heater on when your house is empty.

All models in our range of eco electric heaters are covered by a 2 year guarantee and are listed below in their relevant programmable & non-programmable category.

We also offer free delivery to all mainland UK addresses within 2-4 working days. The radiators are covered by a 2 year guarantee.

If you require any more information please contact one of our expert members of staff who will be happy to help you.

Electric Eco-max Radiator - Manual

Electric Eco-max Radiator - Manual
SpecHeight (mm)Width (mm)Control TypeBTU (Δ60)WattsStockPrice (£)Buy
580mm x 415mm BTU 1349 | 395 Watts
580 415Manual 1349 395
580mm x 575mm BTU 2023 | 593 Watts
580 575Manual 2023 593
580mm x 735mm BTU 2697 | 791 Watts
580 735Manual 2697 791
580mm x 895mm BTU 3372 | 988 Watts
580 895Manual 3372 988
580mm x 1055mm BTU 4046 | 1186 Watts
580 1055Manual 4046 1186

Electric Eco-max Radiator - Programmable

Electric Eco-max Radiator - Programmable
SpecHeight (mm)Width (mm)Control TypeBTU (Δ60)WattsStockPrice (£)Buy
580mm x 415mm BTU 1349 | 395 Watts
580 415Programmable 1349 395
580mm x 575mm BTU 2023 | 593 Watts
580 575Programmable 2023 593
580mm x 735mm BTU 2697 | 791 Watts
580 735Programmable 2697 791
580mm x 895mm BTU 3372 | 988 Watts
580 895Programmable 3372 988
580mm x 1055mm BTU 4046 | 1186 Watts
580 1055Programmable 4046 1186
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