Aluminium Radiators - frequently asked questions

Popular Questions

Why would I choose an aluminium radiator?

Aluminium is highly conductive i.e. it can heat up incredibly fast. When you have a room that is really problematic and never heats up, you'll want a radiator made of something that loves to heat up quickly.

Aluminium radiators are efficient and are great if you're looking for a high performance radiator on a budget.

How long do aluminium radiators last?

A good quality aluminium radiator should come with a guarantee that it will last for at least 10 years without any hiccups.

Some of the aluminium radiators we have for sale at Trade Radiators come with a 15-year guarantee on the product.

Do aluminium radiators corrode?

No, aluminium radiators won't corrode. In many cases the radiator will have a protective oxide layer and a number of coatings applied that help to stop any rust or corrosion from ever occurring.

Are aluminium radiators efficient?

Because aluminium is a fantastic heat conductor and lighter than many other metals, it can heat up much faster than most radiators. In the long term this can prove to be incredibly efficient.

Do aluminium radiators have less water in them?

Yes. With aluminium heating up quicker than other metals used to make radiators, the cycle of hot water through a radiator can be smaller and move quicker through its surface area. This is why aluminium radiators can also cool down quicker too.