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Heated Towel Rails & Bathroom Radiators

At Trade Radiators we've been dealing with heated towel rails for a long time! This experience has given us a great insight into what makes an ordinary looking towel rail become a 'great' towel radiator, not only in terms of quality and design, but in heat output too. Of course, this is all done to give you a great bathroom radiator at the lowest price possible. Whether youre in the process of redecorating a bathroom suite or simply need to save some precious space in your shower room, Trade Radiators will have the right product for you.

Please choose from our market leading range of bathroom radiators and our Trade Direct rails below, and of course if you can't find what you're looking for please contact our knowledgeable customer service team.

  • Trade Direct Heated Towel Rails
  • Pisa Heated Towel Rails
  • Stainless Steel Heated Towel Rails
  • Designer Rails
  • Traditional Bathroom Radiators
  • Coloured Heated Towel Rails
  • Curved Heated Towel Rails

  • Trade Direct Heated Towel Rails

    Trade Direct Heated towel rails are Trade Radiators own brand towel rail. Coming in a selection of sizes and colours, these heated towel rails are a superb addition to any room. Some of the most affordable heated towel rails available, they are long lasting and come with a minimum 10 year guarantee.

    Pisa Heated Towel Rails

    Looking for a state of the art heated towel rail for your bathroom? Check out the superb range of Pisa heated towel rails from Trade Radiators. An Italian brand, these rails are designed to be stylish and complement your bathroom. We have a selection of Pisa rails in several sizes.

    Stainless Steel Heated Towel Rails

    Our premier range of towel rails, all of our stainless-steel rails are made from the highest quality steel. Coming with a 25 year guarantee, stainless steel rails are particularly durable and have high heat outputs ensuring your bathroom is kept warm and cosy all year long.

    Designer Towel Rails

    Our designer heated towel rails are a superb choice for those looking for a glamorous heated towel rail to complement your bathroom. With a selection of styles and colours available we have a designer bathroom radiator to suit any bathroom nicely. Take a look at our designer heated towel rails here.

    Traditional Bathroom Radiators

    Traditional bathroom radiators are a superb addition to any bathroom. Channelling the traditional Victorian style rail, these heated towel rails complement both modern and traditional interiors nicely.

    Coloured Heated Towel Rails

    We have a selection of heated towel rails in a range of colours including anthracite, silver, chrome and black. The range of colours means we have a bathroom radiator to fit any bathroom. Make a statement anthracite or keep it traditional with silver.

    Curved Heated Towel Rails

    Change it up a little with a curved heated towel rail. A modern take on a traditional rail, curved heated towel rails embody all the characteristics of traditional heated towel rails while creating a new and exciting look.

    • Trade Direct 22mm Bar

      Trade Direct 22mm Bar

      • Central heating, Electric or Dual Fuel options available
      • 10- 15 Year Guarantee
      • FREE 24hr Delivery
      • From £40.00 inc. VAT
    • Pisa 25mm Bar

      Pisa 25mm Bar

      • Central heating, Electric or Dual Fuel options available
      • 10- 15 Year Guarantee
      • FREE 24hr Delivery
      • From £55.00 inc. VAT
    • Lazzarini Roma 25mm Bar

      Lazzarini Roma 25mm Bar

      • Highest Heat Outputs
      • Central heating, Electric or Dual Fuel options available
      • 12 Year Guarantee
      • FREE 24hr Delivery
      • From £70.00 inc. VAT
    • Stainless Steel

      Stainless Steel

      • Central heating, Electric or Dual Fuel options available
      • 25 Year Guarantee
      • FREE 24hr Delivery
      • From £125.00 inc. VAT
    • Designer Rails

      Designer Rails

      • Central heating, Electric or Dual Fuel options available
      • 10- 25 Year Guarantee
      • FREE 24hr Delivery
      • From £49.99 inc. VAT
    • Traditional Bathroom Radiators

      Traditional Bathroom Radiators

      • Central heating, Electric or Dual Fuel options available
      • 10 Year Guarantee
      • FREE 24hr Delivery
      • From £145.00 inc. VAT
    • Anthracite Heated Towel Rails

      Anthracite Heated Towel Rails

      • Central heating, Electric or Dual Fuel options available
      • 10- 15 Year Guarantee
      • FREE 24hr Delivery
      • From £50.00 inc. VAT
    • Black Heated Towel Rails

      Black Heated Towel Rails

      • Central heating, Electric or Dual Fuel options available
      • 15 Year Guarantee
      • FREE 24hr Delivery
      • From £55.00 inc. VAT
    • White Heated Towel Rails

      White Heated Towel Rails

      • Central heating, Electric or Dual Fuel options available
      • 15 Year Guarantee
      • FREE 24hr Delivery
      • From £40.00 inc. VAT
    • Chrome Heated Towel Rails

      Chrome Heated Towel Rails

      • Central heating, Electric or Dual Fuel options available
      • 15 Year Guarantee
      • FREE 24hr Delivery
      • From £55.00 inc. VAT
    • Silver Heated Towel Rails

      Silver Heated Towel Rails

      • Central heating, Electric or Dual Fuel options available
      • 15 Year Guarantee
      • FREE 24hr Delivery
      • From £49.99 inc. VAT
    • Straight Heated Towel Rails

      Straight Heated Towel Rails

      • Central heating, Electric or Dual Fuel options available
      • 15 Year Guarantee
      • FREE 24hr Delivery
      • From £40.00 inc. VAT
    • Curved Heated Towel Rails

      Curved Heated Towel Rails

      • Central heating, Electric or Dual Fuel options available
      • 15 Year Guarantee
      • FREE 24hr Delivery
      • From £40.00 inc. VAT
    • Ladder Heated Towel Rails

      Ladder Heated Towel Rails

      • Central heating, Electric or Dual Fuel options available
      • 15 Year Guarantee
      • FREE 24hr Delivery
      • From £40.00 inc. VAT

    Frequently asked questions

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    Popular Questions

    What are heated towel rails?

    A heated towel rail is just like any normal radiator. The only major difference is that it will be vertical and have a number of rows running through them.

    These rows are obviously where you hang towels to warm them up, but the large surface area they cover means they can be extremely useful at heating a space.

    What heated towel rail do I need?

    The type of heated towel rail you need can depend on a number of factors including:

    1. The room you're planning to put it in
    2. The BTU you need to heat that room
    3. The height of the radiator
    4. The width of the radiator

    You also have to consider the design and colour of the radiator and what you want it to do as well.

    How do heated towel rails work?

    So we all know radiators feel like they're radiating heat, but they're actually convecting heat outwards and upwards. A heated towel works by heating up surrounding air, which then rises and circulates across the room. The constant motion over time heats up a room.

    Can I replace my ordinary radiator with a heated towel rail?

    You can replace any radiator with a heated towel rail just as long as you know the measurements for the space you want to put it in.

    You'll also need to figure out the BTU for your room and if your heated towel rail will have a similar output to your existing radiator.

    How much do heated towel rails cost to run?

    Heater towel rails costs just as much to run as a normal radiator does. Their running cost really depends on how often and how much you plan on having your towel rail on.

    How much energy does a heated towel rail use?

    A heated towel rail will use the same level of energy as a normal radiator. If you're using a thermostatic valve on a heated towel rail, you can control the level of heat (and energy output) of that towel rail.

    Selecting the correct product - Don't forget to check out our Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration

    What size towel rail do I need?

    Normally, the bigger, the greater the heat output (measured in BTUs or Watts) and this same rule applies for radiators. When choosing a towel rail, we advise that you concentrate on the space you have available and selecting a towel rail to fit your space. For selecting a radiator to adequately heat your room, please use our handy heat calculator.

    Can a towel rail heat a bathroom?

    "In short yes, providing the output the rail gives is greater than the heat loss of the room. You can use a heating calculator to find out the requirements for your room."

    What are BTUs and Watts?

    "British Thermal Units (BTUs) and Watts (W) are simply different ways of measuring the heat output. If you need to convert BTUs to Watts, divide by 3.412.If you need to convert Watts to BTUs, multiply by 3.412.We display both on our website."

    What are 'Pipe Centres' and why are they so important?

    The pipe centre measurement is the distance between the central points of the two pipe inlets on each rail or bathroom radiator. If you have a standard, hot water central heating system, this measurement is important because you are likely to use the existing pipework to install your towel rail. Measuring the distance between your existing pipes and purchasing a towel rail with a very similar pipe centre measurement will make it much easier to install with minimal changes to your pipework.

    For a pictorial representation please follow below link.

    INFOGRAPHIC - What type of valves will I need

    What is the 'Projection' measurement?

    This is the distance from the wall to the front of the rail. Essentially, it's how far it sticks out from the wall. If you have a small or narrow bathroom, it would be better for you to select a towel rail with a small projection measurement.

    To see a pictorial representation please follow the below link.

    INFOGRAPHIC - What type of valves will I need

    What type of radiator valves do I need?

    "With all valves there are three different types that you should be aware of: Ð straight valves, angled valves and corner valves.
    Whether you need a pair of straight, angled or corner valves depends on the positioning of your pipework in relation to your towel rail.
    We offer many different styles of standard or thermostatic valves, which you can match up to the style of your rail."

    What's the difference between straight bar radiators and curved bar radiators?

    Due to a slightly larger surface area, the heat output of a curved bar rail is slightly higher than one with straight bars. However the main difference is to do with aesthetics and space.

    A curved bar ladder rail sticks out from the wall further than a straight bar rail, so if space is tight, you may wish to look at the projection measurements to see if a curved bar rail will stick out too far.

    On the other hand, a curved bar ladder rail allows for more space behind the rail for hanging towels. This extra space makes it easy to hang and dry tails, so if space is not an issue, you may wish to consider the curved bar option.

    Why do the painted towel radiators give off more heat than the chrome equivalent?

    Bathroom radiators with a painted finish give off slightly more heat than a polished chrome version of exactly the same size. This is due to the chrome plating which has an insulating effect and allows slightly less heat to escape. However, the overall effect on the temperature of a room is negligible and you should choose a finish that best suits your overall interior design plan when making your purchase.

    Why do your paint finish products have a longer guarantee than the chrome plated ones?

    The powder coat paint applied directly onto the mild steel that the towel rail is constructed from is less susceptible to corrosion than towel rails with a chrome-plated finish. As a result, while all our guarantees cover the finish of the rail, we cannot offer as long a guarantee on rails with a chrome plate finish as we can on the ones with a painted finish.

    What grade of stainless steel are your towel rails made of?

    All of our stainless steel heated towel rails are made from high quality Grade 304 stainless steel. To read more on why this Grade 304 is so well-suited to rail manufacturing, please read the following article.

    BLOG - Why grade 304 stainless steel is preferred

    What is the difference between the Trade Direct and the Pisa range?

    We are very proud of our Trade Direct line as they represent fantastic value for money being made from high quality mild steel and coming in a variety of sizes and styles. The Own Brand rails have 22mm horizontal bars, which have a higher heat output than many of our competitors 'value' ranges that often have the inferior 19mm bars.

    The Pisa rails are our premium range, which is reflected in the high quality finishes and 25mm horizontal bars. The thicker the diameter of horizontal bars, the greater the heat output, so for example, a 800mm x 600mm Pisa rail will have a greater heat output than a 800mm x 600mm rail from our Trade Direct line.

    We have compiled a video of images for our chrome Pisa rails, this can be viewed by following the below link.

    VIDEO - Pisa Italian range

    Do I need a Standard / Electric / Dual Fuel?

    What's the difference between a standard, electric and dual fuel rail?

    "This is dependent on the type of heating system you have in your home. The most common is the standard hot water system, whereby you have a boiler and a pump that pumps hot water around your home and into radiators or 'standard' rails.

    For homes without the hot water/boiler system, it is likely you have an electric heating system, whereby you have wall-mounted heaters that are plugged into the mains electrical system and heat up when they are switched on. An electric rail will also be powered by the mains electrical system rather than by hot water.

    Dual fuel products are able to utilize either system. They are connected up to the hot water system and can heat up when the mains central heating system is switched on, but they can also be powered by the mains electrical system. This allows you the benefit in summer of being able to switch the rail on to warm or dry your towels without needing to put the whole central heating system on."

    Are all the bathroom rails available as electric and dual fuel?

    The vast majority of our towel warmers are available with electric and dual fuel options. Each product that has this option is cleared labeled with Standard / Electric / Dual Fuel beneath the image. To choose one of these options simply select under 'radiator type' either electric or dual fuel the select the element you wish to accompny the towel rail.

    What are non-thermostatic and thermostatic elements?

    "The types of element refers to the way the rails heats up. A non-thermostatic (single heat) element heats the rail up to a constant temperature of 65¡C. A thermostatic (variable) element has a control that allows you to adjust the temperature between 20¡C and 70¡C.

    This applies to electric and dual fuel products only."

    Are your electric rails supplied with fluid filled?

    Electric radiators get hot by the heating of special solution that is inside the rails. Our Pisa electric products come with the fluid already in the rails. Our Trade Direct rails come with a fluid pack that needs to be filled upon installation. Full instructions supplied.

    For further information on how to fill your Trade Direct rails please follow the below link:

    BLOG - How to fill your Trade Direct towel rail

    Do your electric and dual fuel heated towel rails come with the electric element already installed?

    The single/ variable heat electric element is supplied separately for all our electric and dual fuel towel rails. This allows you to choose which side of the rail the element can be installed in and also prevents damage in transit.

    How do you work Dual Fuel heated towel rails?

    When swtiching from standard heating i.e. the hot water coming from the boiler to just using the electric element it is recommended that you turn off only the valve on the flow, leaving the return open to allow for expansion.

    How does the chrome T piece effect the pipe centres?

    If you are ordering a dual fuel rail it will be supplied with a chrome T piece. The chrome T piece can be fitted to either the left or the right handside of the rail. To work out the pipe centres simply add or minus 60mm from the stated pipe centre. The plus or minus is because the chrome T piece can be fitted with the 'T' pointing either inwards or outwards.

    Can I install the electric element at the top instead of the bottom of the ladder or designer rail?

    No, heat rises so installing an element at the top of a rail will mean that the solution inside will not be heated up properly. This will mean that your towels will not get dry, less heat will be emitted into the room and you will effectively be wasting money on electricity. More seriously though this could lead to element overheating and blowing.

    Installation and maintenance

    Do your towel warmers come with something to fix it to the wall?

    Yes, all of our products come with wall brackets, fixings and everything you need to attach it to the wall.

    Can I install a rail myself?

    It is certainly possible to install without a professional. However, we would only recommend this if you have a lot of experience with your heating and plumbing system. Ideally we would advise you to get in a professional plumber to install due to the additional things that may need to be done such as moving pipework, draining the system and adding chemical inhibitor.

    If you are planning to do it yourself, you may find the below videos of our professional plumber Jimmy explaining the installation process.

    VIDEO - How to install a step by step guide

    VIDEO - Installation timelapse.

    How to install a dual fuel radiator

    Dual fuel radiators and towel rails give you extra flexibility in what energy source you use to heat your room.

    On one hand, they connect up to your conventional hot water system and function as a normal radiator. On the other hand they also connect to your electricity supply, so they can be switched on independently of your heating system.

    This is especially useful in summer when you may need a hot radiator to dry wet clothes or a towel but without needing to switch your whole heating system on.

    In the video below, Jimmy the Trade Radiators plumber installs a dual fuel rail into a small downstairs cloakroom. He goes through the process of measuring up, fitting pipework and gives some useful tips on installing the rail correctly.

    VIDEO - How to install a dual fuel

    Can I bleed my heated towel rail?

    Yes, should you need to bleed your bathroom radiator, maybe to let out air in the system, the process is very simple.

    You can watch Jimmy the Trade Radiators plumber showing you how to bleed rails in this video:

    VIDEO - How to bleed a bathroom radiator

    Installing a Duel Fuel bathroom radiator

    Jimmy the plumber details how to install a duel fuel rail in an small space next to the kitchen. Clearly demonstrating how you can have your towel rail connected to both the hot water system and the electric system, making the best of both worlds.

    VIDEO - Installing a Duel Fuel Towel Rail.

    What do I do if my rail is cold and won't get hot?

    This is quite a common problem and, more often than not, is fairly easy to fix once you know what to check.

    Please view this video showing the Trade Radiators plumber explaining what to do if your rail or radiator won't get hot:

    VIDEO - How to fix a radiator that won't get hot

    What do I do if my rail is warm but not hot?

    It may be the case that your central heating system needs balancing. Please view the article below to see the Trade Radiators plumber explain how to balance your heating system:

    VIDEO - How to balance your heating system

    What can I do if my problem isn't covered above?

    Please read the following article about common radiator problems and how to fix them.

    If your problem persists, please call in a professional plumber

    BLOG - How to fix common problems

    Receiving your delivery

    How much is delivery?

    Unlike most other sites, all products advertised on the Trade Radiators website come with FREE delivery. This applies to all mainland UK addresses and there is no minimum order value to receive free shipping. Please note for deliveries outside of the mainland there may be a surcharge.

    How quickly will I receive my item after I've ordered it?

    All products advertised on TradeRadiators.com are available from stock and the vast majority are able to be delivered the next day, if ordered before 2pm. Electric rails may take an additional day due to the filling process, but we will notify you of all delivery times.

    How is my heated towel rail delivered?

    We use a small number of excellent couriers to deliver your order. We will be in contact before the item is dispatched to arrange a convenient delivery time and can usually let you know if the delivery will be made in the morning or afternoon.

    Are the rails safely packaged when you send them out?

    Yes, all of our products are very well packaged in thick bubble wrap and in heavy-duty cardboard boxes. We have also carefully chosen our couriers based on their organized and respectful handling of our products.

    What does your guarantee cover?

    Our comprehensive guarantees cover all aspects including the finish and the electrical components. In the unlikely event you do experience a problem; please contact us immediately to let us know.

    Can I track my order?

    If you contact us on the day we can provide a consignment number and can contact the courier to best ascertain an ETA of the delivery. Please note, sometimes it can be difficult to contact the driver to get a fixed time, however we will endeavour to narrow it down for you.

    What if I need to return or change my order?

    Please notify us within 28 working days of receiving your towel rail to enable us to assist you with the issue. Please note the item must be in as new, unused and be in original packaging.


    Please Read Our Customer Reviews

    Thank you for your very honest advice about your products. Despite your efforts to get next day delivery I am afraid the weather beat you and delivery of my 3 Ferroli chrome towel radiators took 3 days - although the TRVs did arrive about mid morning next day via a different courier.
    However, you were right about the quality, the Ferroli radiators are very good, a deep chrome finish, much better than others I have bought via the internet - my plumber was already there doing another job when they arrived so they are already installed, in use and look great.
    I did look at other radiators in the large DIY stores and in "bathroom only" stores and as far as I could see the Ferroli radiators are a superior product for much less money - very good value indeed.
    My plumber was also very impressed and said that they seemed to be a superior product for the price he normally has to pay for poorer quality 'cheap' radiators. We are both happy to recommend your company to others.
    Thank you

    A bit belated, but just wanted to say thanks for your good customer service. Having had some hassles (with other bathroom related online orders) has made us appreciate your attention to our order. Responsive - in terms of offering options - and reliable - in terms of the rad being delivered as promised. Many thanks.

    Just to say that the Radiators have arrived today and all seem in great condition!.
    Thanks so much for your help and attention , you can now confidently say you supply to the other side of the world with no bother and fuss!!.
    Best regards
    B. Bartlett, New Zealand

    Just wanted to let you know that the towel rail arrived yesterday. The customer service you have provided has been first class - you dealt with my e-mails promptly and made the whole process simple. The radiator looks really good quality and the cost and delivery charge were very reasonable - I expected the cost to be much higher to deliver to Cyprus. Thanks again for all your help - will definately use your company again. Kind Regards

    Thank you for the confirmation order but, more especially, thank you for all your help in sourcing the 600 x 600 towel rail for us. You have been so helpful and patient and it?s been a real pleasure speaking with you. We will have no hesitation in recommending Trade Radiators to others. Very best wishes

    I should comment that I am impressed by the quality of the products you have supplied at reasonable price. Your wide range of sizes enabled me to exploit a rather small ensuite area to best advantage, and simplify its design and layout to the satisfaction of the end user.

    Just to say thank you for excellent service , ordered 4 pm , recieved the goods by 10 am, Many Thanks

    Just a quick note to say the new brackets arrived today and worked a treat. Many thanks for all you help. Nice to deal with someone who actually cares about their customers.

    I am writing to you to say thank you for excellent service. I placed two different orders and both of them where delivered so fast and the radiators are excellent quality. Your website is so helpfull with the heating calculator, everything is clear and easy to find.
    Thank you!

    Hi, Just to confirm I have just received delivery of the radiator I ordered from you over the weekend. This is fabulous service !

    I am very pleased with the service and advice i received when purchasing the two radiators , excellent quality and they look absolutely fabulous , would definitely buy again from trade radiators many thanks lisa purchase

    Yes very pleased with the radiators one was damaged but you replaced it so will be having some more in the near future for the rest of the house just got to earn the money first thanks

    A good shopping experience - well packaged / competitive pricing and item in stock - would certainly recommend

    We were very happy with your radiators, prices and service. Have recommended you to many people and my builders.

    I was very happy with the look and quality of the radiators. They came quickly, upon the arranged delivery date. The original radiators I had ordered weren't in stock but an alternative was quickly and efficiently agreed. Would recommend this company and web-site.

    Overall a superb website and service. We were delighted with the product with one exception only; one of the valve handles was snapped in half (we didn't discover this until the radiators were unpacked 3 months after delivery)

    I am very impressed with trade radiators from the web site to the customer service. This is a new build and the modern radiators look fantastic and great value for money. Well done

    I have now had 2 orders from Traderadiators. I am very satisfied with all aspects - quick delivery, high quality products and extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff taking telephone orders. regards

    I found it very easy to order my radiator from your website and was satisfied with the prompt delivery. I hope the raidator will serve me for years to come, and I may possibly order one or two more in future. With thanks,

    Generally the whole experience was absolutely fine. Thank you.

    Feedback on using Trade Radiators:
    I was very satisfied with everything about your radiators and service provided! They are very good quality at a good price and delivery was as promised and prompt! Many Thanks and I would not hesitate to use you again!

    Once again, you have proved to be a great choice for purchasing radiators.
    Best choice and superb service

    Thank you everything was fine from ordering to delivery. Web-site easy to use, informative and well designed. Overall very good.

    Very pleased with every aspect of dealing with you. The radiators
    arrived quickly and according to the dates quoted. Overall - good value
    for money, good service, happy to recommend and use again. Thanks

    So pleased with our heated towel rail and with the very quick service and delivery. Will certainly use you again. Many many thanks.

    Great range of products, helpful when you call them up, prepared to deliver to Orkney Isles- will definately use again!

    Just to say thank you for the very prompt service. Excellent value for money and excellent communications. Regards,

    Dear Sir,
    I acknowledge with gratitude the speedy delivery of the additional chrome bracket relating to the above order which I asked for on Wednesday. Never before I have received such excellent service from a supplier. My best wishes for a successful future !
    Yours faithfully

    Heated Towel Rail Feedback

    The service I received was excellent! Would certainly use this company again.
    J. Roche, Petersfield.

    Very satisfied with service and with radiator. Thanks,
    J. Kiely, Grantham

    Purchase was fine and delivery was as promised thanks very much.
    J.E. Markwell, Suffolk

    Very happy.
    M. Woodbridge, Hertfordshire

    Very satisfied with price,delivery and quality will use you again when required.
    J. Kell, Durham

    Everything very good, recommend you to all friends and trade. Thank you.
    A. Mitford, Penshore

    Excellent service, ordered one day and delivered the next!
    D. Hill,Carmarthenshire

    Really satisfied with the speed that it was delivered and that it is an excellent product. It's great that you use metal rather than plastic supports. My fitter was so impressed that he has taken a note of your website.
    A. Risby,West Sussex

    The service I received was excellent! Would certainly use this company again.
    J. Roche, Petersfield.

    Very satisfied with service and with radiator. Thanks,
    J. Kiely, Grantham

    Purchase was fine and delivery was as promised thanks very much.
    J.E. Markwell, Suffolk

    Very happy.
    M. Woodbridge, Hertfordshire

    Very satisfied with price,delivery and quality will use you again when required.
    J. Kell, Durham

    Everything very good, recommend you to all friends and trade. Thank you.
    A. Mitford, Penshore

    Excellent service, ordered one day and delivered the next!
    D. Hill,Carmarthenshire

    Really satisfied with the speed that it was delivered and that it is an excellent product. It's great that you use metal rather than plastic supports. My fitter was so impressed that he has taken a note of your website.
    A. Risby,West Sussex

    Chrome Curved Feedback

    Many thanks for the swift delivery. More than impressed with what we have got. Thank you again.
    J. Byrne, Gosport

    Service and delivery has been very good.
    W. Rattray, Dunfermline

    My heated ladder rail arrived today in perfect condition and it fits so well in the new bath room. I am very pleased now with the way TradeRadiators has handled everything. Thank you
    Håkan Wahlnäs, Sweden

    Service and product all A1 and satisfactory - thank you
    D. Harper, London

    My wife is thrilled with the towel rail as I am and no problems. Many thanks
    J. Byrne, Gosport

    I would take this opportunity to thank you very much for your speedy and efficient service, the instructions fro hanging were good and i have past on the information and webb page to the plumber who did the fitting, as he was impressed by the quality and prices, again thank you.
    M. Cresswell, Aberdeenshire

    I am very pleased with the quality and good service I received and have reccommended you to many friends and family.
    M. Green, Slough

    Package arrived fine, very pleased with your service.
    J. Porter, Rugby.

    Arrived next day as promised.
    R. Bailey, Exeter.

    Yes, the radiator arrived extremely promptly. Very impressed with the
    service. Would certainly recommend you.
    J. Jackson, Garforth.

    Great compact towel rail and excellent delivery
    P. Gregory, Hove.

    All is fine and i was impressed by the response to the minor problem of a faulty bleed valve.
    Good stuff.
    P, Holdcroft, Staffordshire

    I was very pleased the item arrived when you said it would, the delivery driver was friendly and put the radiator where I asked him and it looks fantastic in my new bathroom. I have recommended you when people have commented on it so well done i am very pleased.
    S. Howard, North Lincolnshire

    Very nice towel radiator at a great price, thanks for the fast efficient delivery on my order.
    J. Bishop, Northamptonshire

    Hi, yes I received my radiator as stated the following day. The radiator looks lovely, is great quality and the service I received from your company was excellent. Many thanks,
    J. Tudorescu, Gorton

    I just wanted to say thankyou for dealing with my complaint in such a professional manner. I was really impressed with the attention and courtesy I received as well as the promptness in the delivery of the replacement radiator. Thankyou.
    D. Perry, Southampton

    Happy with prompt and efficient service
    D. Boarer,West Sussex

    We are very pleased with the radiator it was a very good price and the delivery was so fast we ordered late Sunday pm it arrived Tuesday am. Excellent thank you
    K. Price, Kent

    The radiator arrived very promptly. So I'm very satisfied with the ordering and delivery.
    H. Cameron, Sheffield

    Thaks for delivering the radiator as promised, its exactly as you described it and we love the look.
    A. Gallimore, Derby

    Many thanks for your swift reply/action the thermostatic element was delivered at 7-30 this evening,dispite this slight hicup i am a well happy customer and would like to thank you for a great product,fast delivery,and to everyone involved.
    M. Woodford, Northamptonshire

    Chrome Straight Feedback

    Just wanted to say thank you for the robe hooks.
    Very impressed with the service I have received from your company.
    Thanks again
    V. Perkins, Dartford.

    I was very happy with your service and the product (chrome flat towel rail) and feel that you provide very good value for money and good quality of service.
    Y. Elkana, Horsham.

    HI, thanks the chrome straight radiator has been installed, we are happy with the quality, the delivery was amazingly fast, in fact, from order to delivery was about 22 hours!!!!!!!!!! I also found your web pages user friendly. Regards,
    N. Clark, Crowborough.

    Thank you very much , was very impressed by your service.
    L. Sandral, Kensington.

    Very satisfied. The service provided was excellent. Accurate delivery time and correct product, which is always handy.
    A. Vadhesha, Theale.

    My feedback to your company would be as follows:
    "Thank you for a seaming less transaction. Item was received astonishingly quick and price was fantastic. Product (chrome thermostatic heated towel rail) was nicely packaged and was as described on the website.
    Definitely recommended.
    Thank you trade radiators.
    K. Man, London.

    The chrome towel rails are now installed and look really good. So far, very pleased with the purchase.
    J. Hirst, Cleckheaton.

    Excelllent service good value for money, what can I say good, I will use you again. Satisfied customer.
    J. McGuiness, Chalgrove.

    Heated towel rail received in good condition next working day, perfect thanks.
    C. Dutton, Warrington.

    Thank you for the contact. I'm very satisfied with the service. Everything arrived on time as promised and in perfect condition. I would not hesitate in recommending you to friends and family. Many thanks
    C. Lorriman, Bradford.

    Sound product, fair price, prompt delivery. Thanks
    K. Halpin, Lancashire.

    Very pleased with the quality of the radiator and the speed and
    efficiency of the delivery.
    J. Lamb, Beckingham.

    Vary satisfied with the radiator, thank you.
    J. Tew, Bargoed.

    We were very satisfied with product and delivery. We will be using you again soon.
    S. Bradshaw, Stoke on Trent.

    The very well packaged radiator and valves arrived by 10am and are looking excellent. Many thanks for the extremely impressive service ! Yours
    A. Black, Devon.

    Very pleased indeed with your service.
    G. Codling, Morteton Hampstead

    Having gone through a period of being let down by plumbers and others, it was so nice to have such excellent service from yourselves. From the initial friendly and efficient call through to the on time receipt of the towel rails, we were most impressed and would definitely use you in the future as and when we have a need.
    H. Gray, Sommerset

    Splendid product although not yet installed, very speedy delivery. Staff very polite and helpful on the phone. Many thanks
    S. Gee, Cambridgeshire

    Thankyou for an excellent service. The unit was delivered within 24 hours and was perfect.
    G. Hughs, Midlothian

    I am pleased to recomend and highly praise your prompt and efficient service. From finding you on the internet to having a nice new towel rail hanging on my wall was just a couple of days. Thank you for your service.
    A. Tunnicliffe, Barnstaple

    Hi, I would like to say that i am very happy with your service & prices. It is a lovely radiator that suits my bathroom well. Thanks.
    T. Catlin, Berkshire

    Just to let you know, the radiator was exactly what I wanted. It was also a very reasonable price. Many thanks.
    D. Harvey, Kent

    Easy to order. Prompt delivery. No problems so far. Satisfied customer.
    S. Beatty, Great Bookham

    The radiator arrived safely and looks to be exactly what we wanted. Just waiting for it to be fitted. Thank you for the prompt service as it arrived earlier than you said it would when the supplies turned up.
    R.H. Langton, Essex

    Dear Sir, many thanks for fast delivery and excellent service, you may like to know that
    the towel rail is more then satisfactory to our requirement
    A.Utting, Cambridgeshire

    many thanks - radiators arrived looks really cool!
    S. Downs, Derby

    Hi Julie, that has helped thank you – I am absolutely sure from your calculator that the chap who advised me of wattage calculated it on the same basis as you, and therefore the radiators are fine. On a separate note, the new radiators are all perfect – I am really pleased and your service has been spot on too, so thanks. All the best
    C. Barrett, Illkley

    Black Curved Feedback

    Towel warmer arrived safely and in time. Very pleased with it, exactly what I wanted. Great service.Thank you very much.
    L. Perkins, Workman.

    Just a note for your managers - I have found dealing with Trade Radiatiors and your associated partners to have been a pleasure to have done business with, you have kept me informed of all the arrangements/delivery etc throughout. I really appreciated this and more so as in genral today you do not received customer service like it!
    Keep up the good work!
    Regards to all
    J. O'Shaughnessy, Newport.

    Your service is second to none.
    The product that I bought from Trade Radiators was superb and the best price that I have seen.
    My sincere thanks to you all.
    R. Farrell, Norfolk.

    Stainless Steel Bathroom Radiator Feedback

    Yes I am very satisfied with the product and with the fast delivery and service. There was a problem with the wrong towel rail being delivered; this was remedied with a replacement towel rail being delivered and swapped the next day. Regards,
    L. Cornell, Hampshire

    Excellent service, fast delivery from ordering, very pleased with the quality of your product.
    J. Brearley, Barnsley

    Hi, Happy with service and product.
    R. Coates, Radlett

    Hello there, I received the radiators within a few days of ordering them. They are fitted now and they look great in my new bathroom and the price was very competitive, for similar radiator B&Q were going to charge me three times as much! So they were a great buy!
    G.C. Bell, County Durham

    Really impressed, price very competative, radiator looks fab and was delivery very quickly - thank you!
    H.M. Randall, Vale of Glamorgan

    Very happy with the service received - on time and with no problem.
    J.A. White, Cheshire

    Hi, I was very satisfied with my service and have already recommended you to two
    friends! If only I had ordered the valves at the same time!! You should have a
    little pop up window at checkout which reminds customers they will need to
    buy a valve with the radiator. You were cheaper than most suppliers too.
    Many thanks
    F. Loonat, West Yorkshire

    The service was fine and delivery prompt. The radiator looks good and works well.
    M. Herbert, Farnham

    Just to say that the replacement towel rail arrived this morning at 08.15 - Thank you though for your prompt response - as ever your customer service is brilliant!
    S. Davidson, Surrey

    Radiator now fitted - very pleased with the quality and the price of this item. Thanks
    A. Sarjeant, Rutland

    Thank you for the excelent service, ordered 20.25 on Monday, delivered 14.00 Wednesday, installed and working 17.30 Wednesday, Fantastic.
    G. Woodley, Dundee

    Just to say the order arrived at 9:00am this morning and although I
    haven't unpacked it, wanted to say thanks for the excellent, swift
    service! Cheers,
    D. Mullin, Wirral




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