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Horizontal White Slimline Radiators

Stylish, individual, and affordable; when it comes to designer radiators the horizontal Slimline really is the full package. Channelling a less is more style; this designer radiator instantly brightens up a room with its minimalistic style and soft finish.

A modern twist on the classic, horizontal radiator, the white Slimline radiator adds a modern touch to classic interiors. Likewise, the horizontal Slimline complements modern homes nicely, emphasising contemporary features. Whats more, sitting just 87mm from the wall, the horizontal Slimline creates an impact without taking up valuable floor space.

Starting at an incredible 105, the Slimline collection is one of our most affordable in our designer radiator range. In fact, we are so sure of our great prices we have a price match guarantee for all of our radiators.

If you like the horizontal white Slimline radiator but are short on space, make sure you check out the vertical Slimline for a space saving alternative to the horizontal option.

With an extensive range of designer radiators to choose from we ensure you will find the perfect radiator for your home. Have a browse of our full designer collection here.

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Single Panel - Projection From Wall 62-87mm | Wall to Pipe Centres 30-55mm

DetailsHeight (mm)Width (mm)Pipe Centres (mm)BTU (Δ50)WattsStockRRPPriceBuy
(H)600mm x (W)400mm
BTU 1077 | 316 Watts
Pipe Centres 480mm
In Stock
600 400480 1077 316£185.00£185.00
(H)600mm x (W)600mm
BTU 1618 | 474 Watts
Pipe Centres 680mm
In Stock
600 600680 1618 474£205.00£205.00
(H)600mm x (W)800mm
BTU 2154 | 632 Watts
Pipe Centres 880mm
In Stock
600 800880 2154 632£245.00£245.00
(H)600mm x (W)1000mm
BTU 2695 | 790 Watts
Pipe Centres 1080mm
In Stock
600 10001080 2695 790£275.00£275.00
(H)600mm x (W)1200mm
BTU 3231 | 948 Watts
Pipe Centres 1280mm
In Stock
600 12001280 3231 948£315.00£315.00
(H)600mm x (W)1400mm
BTU 3772 | 1106 Watts
Pipe Centres 1480mm
In Stock
600 14001480 3772 1106£355.00£355.00

The total BTU you need is bigger than any of the radiators on this page. You're going to need more than one!

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