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White Bonera Radiators

1.5mm thick steel | 15 Year Guarantee | Powdercoated finish | RAL 9013 | Gloss Finish | Side entry for valves | Next day delivery

Adding a modern tone to any home, our extremely stylish Bonera white designer radiators are the perfect fit when you want your living room, hallway or bedroom to have an ultra-modern and sleek look. With a 550mm by 455mm model perfect for thatsmall bathroom space or a 1800mm by 325mm ideal for the hallway, this is not only a great looking radiator but a highly versatile product within our range of designer white radiators.

Our white Reina Bonera radiators look their best when paired against a naturally toned wall, like the grey you see in the picture above, although they look good just about anywhere you want to hang these models. We have noticed that a lot of customers are ordering that taller, vertical models (that's any that have a height of 1800m) for their kitchens as their slim fit makes them an easy fit behind the kitchen door when space is at a premium.

The white powder coated finish of this radiator is ideal if you're looking for a radiator that has a glossy finish that is easy to clean and has a nice sheen to it. We place a 15-year guarantee on our white Bonera radiators as they're made to the highest standard possible.

Each product is a single panel radiator, making them ideal for small spaces where you need heat but don't want to compromise on space. A lot of customers who need a small but powerful radiator for their kitchens prefer the 1800mm by 325mm vertical model as it can sit nicely on narrow walls by the kitchen door and not take up room like a traditional model would against the kitchen table.The 550mm by 590mm model is also a good radiator for smaller bathrooms or box bedrooms where retaining a good level of heat can be an issue in the colder months.

All radiators purchased at Trade Radiators come with free delivery across mainland UK included in the price and a guarantee that we'll get your new radiator (and any accessories you need) as fast as possible.

If you want to take a look at other white designer radiators we have, our white Nevo range has quite a similar design while the white Saturn and white Sena ranges have some lovely rounder column style radiators that wouldn't be out of place in anyone's home.

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Single Panel - Projection From Wall 100mm | Wall to Pipe Centres 65mm

DetailsHeight (mm)Width (mm)Pipe Centres (mm)BTU (Δ50)WattsStockRRPPriceBuy
(H)1800mm x (W)325mm
BTU 2520 | 738 Watts
Pipe Centres 405mm
In Stock
1800 325405 2520 738£275.00£275.00
(H)1800mm x (W)455mm
BTU 3506 | 1028 Watts
Pipe Centres 535mm
In Stock
1800 455535 3506 1028£375.00£375.00
(H)550mm x (W)455mm
BTU 1071 | 314 Watts
Pipe Centres 535mm
In Stock
550 455535 1071 314£195.00£195.00
(H)550mm x (W)590mm
BTU 1403 | 411 Watts
Pipe Centres 680mm
In Stock
550 590680 1403 411£255.00£255.00
(H)550mm x (W)855mm
BTU 2069 | 606 Watts
Pipe Centres 935mm
In Stock
550 855935 2069 606£355.00£355.00
(H)550mm x (W)985mm
BTU 2402 | 704 Watts
Pipe Centres 1065mm
In Stock
550 9851065 2402 704£415.00£415.00
(H)550mm x (W)1248mm
BTU 3067 | 899 Watts
Pipe Centres 1328mm
In Stock
550 12481328 3067 899£500.00£500.00

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