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Chrome Pienza Radiators

1.5mm thick steel | 10 Year Guarantee | Chrome Plated finish | Polished Finish | Side entry for valves | Next day delivery

Looking to add a modern touch to your home? Perhaps you have just moved into a new home or are redecorating? The Monza chrome designer radiator is the perfect option for those of you creating a modern interior, adding its own special touch to your home.

The Reina Pienza chrome radiator is available in both horizontal and vertical styles. The vertical is particularly eye catching and is guaranteed to elevate your room to new levels of interior sophistication. Equally as stunning in its horizontal form, the monza will create a focal point in your room.

Starting at an incredible price of 255, the monza is an incredible 140 cheaper than its RRP! In fact, we are so confident in our unbeatable prices that we offer customers a price match guarantee.

Before you buy the Reina Pienza chrome radiator, make sure you remember to work out the appropriate size needed to heat your room. This is easily done using our advanced heating calculator.

On top of all the benefits highlighted above, all of our Reina Pienza Chrome radiators come with free UK delivery!

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Single Panel - Projection From Wall 100mm | Wall to Pipe Centres 50mm

DetailsHeight (mm)Width (mm)Pipe Centres (mm)BTU (Δ50)WattsBarsStockRRPPriceBuy
(H)1800mm x (W)290mm
BTU 2100 | 616 Watts
Pipe Centres 370mm
In Stock
1800 290370 2100 616£455.00£455.00
(H)1800mm x (W)430mm
BTU 3050 | 894 Watts
Pipe Centres 510mm
In Stock
1800 430510 3050 894£625.00£625.00
(H)1800mm x (W)570mm
BTU 4066 | 1192 Watts
Pipe Centres 650mm
In Stock
1800 570650 4066 1192£805.00£805.00
(H)550mm x (W)485mm
BTU 958 | 281 Watts
Pipe Centres 565mm
In Stock
550 485565 958 281£345.00£345.00
(H)550mm x (W)655mm
BTU 1277 | 375 Watts
Pipe Centres 735mm
In Stock
550 655735 1277 375£385.00£385.00
(H)550mm x (W)825mm
BTU 1598 | 468 Watts
Pipe Centres 905mm
In Stock
550 825905 1598 468£425.00£425.00
(H)550mm x (W)995mm
BTU 1920 | 563 Watts
Pipe Centres 1075mm
In Stock
550 9951075 1920 563£475.00£475.00
(H)550mm x (W)1165mm
BTU 2449 | 718 Watts
Pipe Centres 1245mm
In Stock
550 11651245 2449 718£515.00£515.00

The total BTU you need is bigger than any of the radiators on this page. You're going to need more than one!

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