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Trade Direct Slim Aluminium Radiators

Trade Direct 'Slim' Aluminium line offers great value aluminium radiators by cutting out the middle man and supply direct to you. These slim aluminium radiators combine low water content with high thermal efficiency.

Aluminium is the most effecting at conducting heat efficiently meaning that these aluminium radiators rapidly reach their optimal heating temperature, with almost instant heat transfer. The shape of the panels allows the air to circulate around the radiator, in turn, spreading heat around the room quickly and effectively. Their light weight construction also means that they are far easier to transport and install than other radiators. And at only 45mm wide these radiators are very stylish and ideally suited for installation where space is at a premium.

Available in 3 heights and 6 widths in a textured matt white finish and a grey aluminium gloss finish. The wide range of sizes and colours available all come with free delivery to all mainland UK addresses, and take approximately 2-4 working days.

If you need any assistance at all please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team.

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Top Image

Projection From Wall 96mm | Wall to Pipe Centres 65mm

DetailsHeight (mm)Width (mm)Pipe Centres (mm)BTU (Δ50)WattsStockPriceBuy
DetailsHeight (mm)Width (mm)Pipe Centres (mm)BTU (Δ50)WattsStockPriceBuy
(H)500mm x (W)956mm
BTU 2992 | 877 Watts
Pipe Centres 1036mm
In Stock
500 9561036 2992 877
(H)500mm x (W)1196mm
BTU 3743 | 1097 Watts
Pipe Centres 1276mm
In Stock
500 11961276 3743 1097
(H)500mm x (W)1436mm
BTU 4490 | 1316 Watts
Pipe Centres 1516mm
In Stock
500 14361516 4490 1316
(H)600mm x (W)956mm
BTU 3436 | 1007 Watts
Pipe Centres 1036mm
In Stock
600 9561036 3436 1007
(H)600mm x (W)1196mm
BTU 4296 | 1259 Watts
Pipe Centres 1276mm
In Stock
600 11961276 4296 1259
(H)600mm x (W)1436mm
BTU 5152 | 1510 Watts
Pipe Centres 1516mm
In Stock
600 14361516 5152 1510
(H)1800mm x (W)356mm
BTU 3108 | 911 Watts
Pipe Centres 436mm
In Stock
1800 356436 3108 911
(H)1800mm x (W)476mm
BTU 4142 | 1214 Watts
Pipe Centres 556mm
In Stock
1800 476556 4142 1214
(H)1800mm x (W)596mm
BTU 5210 | 1527 Watts
Pipe Centres 676mm
In Stock
1800 596676 5210 1527

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