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Chrome Vertical Designer Radiators

Are you looking for a fashionable, modern radiator with a strong heat output and an affordable price? Then you are in luck because our vertical chrome radiators are all of the above and more! Not only are they affordable and look good but they are also durable and less likely to corrode than other metal radiators.

At Trade radiators, we have a fantastic range of vertical Chrome radiators available with both a polished and chrome plated finish for you to choose from. All of our vertical chrome radiators come in a vast range of sizes with a great heat output that will make your home luxuriously warm.

Starting at an amazing 120, our vertical designer chrome radiators are some of the cheapest radiators in our designer range. Despite the extremely reasonable price no corners are cut in terms of functionality, with our chrome radiators producing some of our strongest BTU outputs.

Our Vertical Saturn Chrome radiator is not only incredibly stylish, it is also very practical. Vertical radiators are a great at filling those awkward spaces, using wall space in the most efficient way possible. Ideal for a modern home, why not try it with a polished finish to create a futuristic elegant style.

If you are looking for unrivalled style and substance take a look at our Vertical Monza designer chrome radiator. The chic design will complement both modern and classically styled environments. Starting at an incredible 255, 140 below the recommended retail price, this is a designer radiator without the designer price tag.

What is Chrome?

Chrome, also known as chromium is a chemical element. When something is stated as chrome it is not actually made of chrome, but is chrome-plated by adding a layer of chromium to the external surface of the radiator. On its own chromium is extremely hard and inelastic which makes it difficult to manipulate into specific shapes. Nevertheless, the advantages of chrome make it a very useful metal for objects like radiators and thus why it is used for radiators.

The main advantage of chrome is its anti-corrosive properties. This is ideal for radiators which are susceptible to decay due to the way in which they are heated using water. Once a radiator has been plated in chrome a smooth, shiny finish is created, producing a stylish, modern radiator.

As well as the benefits highlighted above, a huge advantage of chromium plated radiators is their price. The way in which they are made, through electrolysis, is very cheap. That means that, in general, chrome radiators are significantly cheaper than other radiators yet are as good, if not better, quality.

All of our Vertical Saturn Chrome Radiators come with a 10-year guarantee and free, next day delivery on orders made before 2pm.

At Trade Radiators, we have an exceptionally large range of designer radiators on offer. Why not have a browse of the different styles and colours available.


The total BTU you need is bigger than any of the radiators on this page. You're going to need more than one!

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