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Stainless Steel Vertical Designer Radiators

At Trade Radiators, we pride ourselves on having a great range of stylish, practical radiators. With a total of 7 stainless steel vertical radiators to choose from, you have a large range of stainless steel vertical radiators which will enhance and complement your home.

Why Vertical Stainless Steel

Vertical radiators are ideal for those looking to utilise wall space in the most efficient way possible. They save space nearer the ground which can otherwise be utilised by furniture and other household objects. This means that heat is more evenly distributed around your room as it is less likely to be absorbed by objects in front of the radiator like sofas and tables.

The benefits of using stainless steel as a material for radiators are great. At Trade Radiators we use an extremely high quality form of steel called 304 stainless steel. The major benefit of this version of stainless steel is its high resistance to internal pipe corrosion. It also has a high tolerance to hot and cold temperatures which, by its very nature, is perfect for radiators.

A further bonus of 304 stainless steel is it actually strengthens when cleaned externally which makes them ideal for hospitals or science laboratories which require a sterile environment. When you combine the efficiency of the vertical radiator and the durability of the 304-stainless steel material, you have an extremely efficient radiator.

For further information on stainless steel radiators be sure to check out our blog post which highlights the benefits of stainless steel radiators in greater depth.

Our Stainless-Steel Radiators

Our vertical Deco stainless Steel radiator is a beautifully classic radiator. The modern vertical shape counter balances the traditional design to create a contemporary take on a classic piece. Available in both single and double panel, this radiator has a strong heat output and is extremely durable.

Looking for a simplistic yet chic stainless-steel radiator? Then the vertical Skyline is perfect for you. The panels are spaced evenly which creates a uniformed finish. This radiator is particularly striking in the polished form.

The ultra-chic Metropolitan vertical stainless steel radiator will complement a modern living environment nicely. Similar to the Skyline radiator, the Metropolitan is uniformed and looks stylish in both the satin and polished finishes.

An extremely popular radiator, the Staten vertical stainless steel radiator is available in a total of 15 sizes. With a very reasonable starting price of 375 this radiator is stylish, efficient and affordable. One of our slimmest radiators, the Staten sits at just 70mm from the wall meaning it doesnt take up precious floor space.

Inspired by the New York city-scape, the Tribeca, Broadway and Hudson stainless-steel radiators channel all the style and sophistication of the Big Apple. The Tribecas thin panels create a chic finish while the Broadway radiators art deco style is a throw-back to New Yorks glory days of the 1920s to create a beautifully unique piece.

The panels of the Hudson are thin and rounded in shape to create a slender, stylish radiator. All three of these eye-catching and extremely energy efficient radiators that will make your room stand out for all the right reasons.

All of our stainless-steel radiators come in both polished and satin finishes and a range of sizes. If you fancy a shinier, classic, metal look, a vertical polished stainless steel radiator is for you. Alternatively, if you would prefer something less shiny and more matte looking, the frosted style is best for you.

If you like the look of our designer radiators we have a large range of styles and colours available. Check them out here.

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