Cast Iron Radiator Joining Tools & Keys

Unlike most radiators, when you sometimes buy a cast iron radiator, you may find that there is some assembly required. If you’re buying a multi-section cast iron radiator and need the tools to finish the job, Trade Radiators has you covered.

We have cast iron radiator join tools in stock to help make the installation go without any issue.

Why would someone need a cast iron radiator joining tool?

People sometimes forget that cast iron radiators come in sections. While a panel radiator on your wall is all one piece, cast iron radiators are traditionally made of individual sections as it’s the easiest way to cast and shape the radiator.

Someone ordering a radiator may discover it doesn’t fit correctly or that there are too many sections. When this happens, it’s much easier to have a joining tool at the ready, rather than sending a radiator back for alterations.

How do I know if I need a cast iron joining tool?

These tools are usually purchased when someone buys a cast iron radiator second hand. You may have got a good deal on a functioning radiator at auction and need to resize it to fit in properly.

Do all cast iron radiators need a joining tool?

No. You would typically only need a joining tool for a new radiator when you’re buying a very large radiator or looking to join two of the same model together to create a larger radiator.

If you are buying a new cast iron radiator, and it is over 1200mm long, it will usually need a joining tool. This is due to the radiator needing to be in sections so it will fit on a pallet for delivery.

Will Trade Radiators let me know if I need a joining tool?

Yes. The team will get in touch via email to let you know if the cast iron radiator you’re ordering needs a joining tool.

Do I need anything else for a cast iron radiator?

You will find a wide range of cast iron radiator accessories here. This includes full accessory packs, which come with valves, sleeves, and wall stays. 

Can I rent a radiator joining tool?

Yes. These products can be purchased on a return basis. Get in touch to find out how.

Delivering radiator tools tomorrow

Don’t want to wait around getting a cast iron radiator joined together and plumbed in? Order by 2 pm to see if your order can qualify for free next working delivery.

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