Cast Iron Radiator Parts

Having a cast iron radiator look the part when it’s installed and ready to go is a great thing. Simply buying a radiator on its own can come with drawbacks, especially if you are buying a cast iron radiator in a space that has not had one before. You might be missing out on essentials that give the installation a complete look.

A bit like wearing odd socks, you might want to think about whether you need new valves, caps, sleeves etc to make a cast iron radiator look the part. That’s exactly what you’ll find here. Shop at Trade Radiators for all the cast iron radiator parts you need.

What cast iron radiator parts do I need?

When buying a cast iron, your order would typically include the parts to help you hang it on a wall. What you usually don’t get are the little bits that your home heating may already have, namely:

  • Valves
  • Pipe Sleeves
  • Decorative Wall Stays
  • Caps
  • Air Vents

You’ll find all these items here in this section, apart from pipe sleeves, which are available here.

Can I get a pack of the essentials for hanging a cast-iron radiator?

What would Trade Radiators be if we didn’t make radiator installation easier? We have a selection of cast iron radiator accessory packs. They include a pair of pipe sleeves, air vent, wall stay and valves. They are available in pewter and brass finishes.

We would recommend that you double-check you choose a pack with the correct valve type, as the packs come with either corner or angled valves. When your pipes come from the floor, you need an angled valve. When your pipes come from the wall, you need cornered valves. You can also take a look at our entire range of radiator valves here, especially if there is a specific colour you need to match.

Getting off on the right foot

You may want your cast iron radiator to have that traditional finish, especially if it’s a stand-alone radiator with foot supports. We have supports in stock from top brands such as Trade Direct and West in a variety of finishes.

Do I need anything else for a cast iron radiator?

If you’re buying a larger cast iron radiator, we may need to deliver it in sections to fit the delivery pallet. When this happens, you will need a joining tool to help assemble the radiator. Trade Radiators supplies these tools on a sale or return basis. Please get in touch if you need one for your new cast iron radiator.

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