Cast Iron Radiator Wall Stays & Brackets

Are you buying a new radiator? Replacing a radiator with a column or cast iron model? Make sure you have everything you need for a safe and secure installation. You don't want to be left hanging around with a radiator you can't attach because it doesn't have wall stays.

Trade Radiators has a range of wall stays for cast iron radiators from top brands. Coming in a huge range of finishes, including custom paint jobs, get a wall stay for any cast iron radiator when you shop with us.

Why would someone need a wall stay?

If you are choosing a steel column radiator the wall stay is purely for aesthetic reasons however, in the case of cast iron radiators they are required to tie the radiator to the wall.

Cast iron radiators can be heavy, depending on the size and model you go with. Unlike a basic panel radiator which is lightweight and simple to hang on a wall (your back panel/bracket is essentially hidden), cast iron radiators may need a bracket to stay secure.

Having a nice looking wall stay is sometimes better than a basic bracket that doesn't match the radiator's look.

How do I know if I need a cast iron wall bracket?

A rough rule of thumb is keeping the number 12 in mind. Every time you up by twelve, you need one wall stay. For example, if you were buying a big 26 section cast iron radiator, it would be best to have three brackets in place to keep the radiator secure.

Aren’t cast iron radiators free-standing?

Yes, they can be. Having a good wall stay in place is simply a means to secure the radiator for added safety, especially in rooms or busy areas.

Are these wall brackets made from cast iron?

No. Having a solid cast iron wall stay would be heavy and expensive. This range of stays is made from brass or steel, depending on the brand you choose.

What brands make the best cast iron radiator wall stays?

Our favourites would include West, Trade Direct & Paladin. Paladin products are best suited for their counterparts. Trade Direct wall stays are affordable and designed to look the part without the price tag some brands charge.

What colour do cast iron radiator wall stays come in?

Pretty much any colour you need. The basic range is painted to match the most popular colours for cast iron radiators. With many people asking for custom colour cast iron radiators, we also offer custom colour wall stays. Any products with a colour wheel can be painted as you like.

Do I need anything else for my radiator?

Most cast iron radiators look best when you have matching radiator feet supports. Again, these are available in colours and finishes similar to what you see here.  For anyone installing a cast iron radiator for the first time, we also recommend looking at some of our cast accessories. This includes full packs with wall stays, valves, supports and everything you need for a perfect-looking cast iron radiator installation.

Delivering radiator wall stays quickly

Need a wall stay or bracket in a hurry? We have you covered. Just click Next Day Delivery or Within A Week on the left side menu to find brackets currently in stock to ship directly to you in a hurry.

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