Electric Heating Elements

Having an electric heater at home, or in your workspace, is fantastic when you want a dedicated heating supply but want to avoid any costly pipework being carried out. If you’re getting ready to buy electric heaters or are looking to see if you can adapt an existing radiator into a dual fuel or electric unit, you’ll want a heating element that does the job with no problems and comes from a reputable brand.

Here at Trade Radiators, we have a great range of electric heating elements as well as the accessories to help you complete set-up.

What brands of Electric Heating Elements are available?

Top brands making great heating elements we have on site include:

  • West
  • Trade Direct

West is a brand we have been stocking for a few years now. We believe they make some of the best elements you’ll find anywhere, especially if you’re working with a dual fuel system.

Trade Direct is a new brand created by the team at Trade Radiators, with a small but mighty range of standard elements and digital thermostatic elements. If you’re looking for elements and are working within a tight budget, Trade Direct is the brand for you. 

What should I look for when buying an electric element?

The finish on the cap of the element is something to consider. Most of the products on-site will have a chrome cap or thermostatic valve on the end, so if you have a chrome or silver radiator, this will match. 

If you’re looking to keep things traditional, you might want a smart thermostatic element to complement existing white fittings on your radiator.

How do I control the temperature of an electric heating element?

It’s effortless to keep tabs on the temperature and ensure a room stays toasty. On this page, you’ll find thermostatic control units, smart programmable elements with remotes and digital thermostatic elements.

If you’re someone who likes advanced features on their system, a smart programmable element with remote (in chrome) is a great choice. It even comes with a 2-hour boost feature when you need to take a chill out of the air.

We also have a great range of smart heating controls from brands like Salus Controls. 

Can any of these products be used to change a traditional rail into an electric model? 

Anyone looking to make the switch will want to check out the West Electric Only Conversion Kits. We have elements that can be used in wattages from 100w to 1000w. The kits come with a how-to guide, but we do recommend that you hire a professional when converting a radiator from one heating source to another.

What other accessories are needed for a successful installation?

Wall brackets should be provided with any new radiator as standard. If you are converting an existing radiator and it does not have brackets to hang on a wall, you may want to look at our range of radiator foot supports.

Trade Radiators Delivery Guarantee

We aim to get your room warm in no time at all, and that means we always strive to have electric heating elements delivered as quickly as possible. 

Every product has average delivery times listed in the product description, but we do aim to have elements ready for next working day delivery on orders made before 2 pm.

Of course, if you’re unsure which product is best for you, click the chat icon in the corner of this page to speak with customer support.  

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