Radiator Air Vents

When it comes to that time of year where the heating needs to go back on, the first thing you’ll usually do is check each radiator to make sure it’s running smoothly. Without having to have any significant work carried out, a simple air vent can help you bleed a radiator and get rid of trapped air.

At Trade Radiators we have a small but mighty range of radiator air vents suitable for any radiator system. You need to know what the vent does and which radiator vent is best for your system. 

What does a radiator air vent do? 

A vent helps you get trapped air out of your radiator. This is important as trapped air can create cold patches in your radiator, which over time can build up and block the movement of warm water through parts of your radiator.

You’ll usually find trapped air creates cold patches at the top of a radiator. 

Don’t all radiators come with vents? 

Most should, but there are some radiators which have valves in tricky locations, or you might have a radiator that was part of a closed system previously. In some cases, you may end up with your radiator having a busted or broken valve, and a small vent is much cheaper to replace than a whole new radiator.

What brands make the best Radiator Air Vents?

West is the primary brand we stock in this section, and we believe they make some fantastic products. The West ½ inch flat air vent is the industry standard and fits on pretty much any radiator which needs a new valve. 

You’ll also find our name brand Trade Direct has a chrome autovent available in a polished finish. 

What is an autovent? 

Autovents are fantastic, especially if you have a lot of radiators in something like a retail or workspace. Instead of you having to check on radiators periodically, these valves self-regulate and will release air when there’s a build-up.

These vents work wonders if you’re a landlord who owns multiple properties as they can avoid costly callouts with plumbers in the colder months for simple jobs.

How can I cover up an air vent?

Anyone wanting their radiator unit to have a complete look will want to see vents covered up in the same manner a valve is covered with a specific type of radiator valve. We stock radiator vents with blanking plugs that cover your vent and provide a lovely flat finish.

Can I get a vent for a cast iron radiator?

With their ultra-traditional designs, you can often find yourself having trouble getting blocked air out of a cast iron radiator. Luckily, we have traditional air vents available for cast iron radiators with a 1/8 inch entry, coming in either a chrome or brass finish.

What other radiator accessories does Trade Radiators have in stock?

We provide all the extras to help give the finish touches to any radiator setup. If you visit our radiator accessories section, you’ll be able to browse between plugs & caps, reducers, robe hooks and rail hangers, amongst other accessories.

Trade Radiators Delivery Guarantee 

Plugs and vents can be sent anywhere on Mainland UK for next working day delivery as long as orders are placed before 2 pm and we have the relevant item in stock.

If you’re not sure what vent or plug you need, please get in touch with the customer service team who will be happy to find the right product for your radiators.

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