Radiator Foot Supports

Radiators can be large and heavy units, so they must be well secured to the ground or wall. If you need to install your column radiators on the ground, you require robust and stable column radiator feet to make sure your radiator remains firmly in position for the future.

We stock radiator feet for column radiators in various dimensions and finishes to get your radiators securely fitted in your chosen spot hassle-free.

Minimal DIY knowledge is needed to install our radiator feet. They are supplied complete with installation guidelines and are suitable for all of our units. You'll love how easy it is to purchase the right feet for your column radiator and how quickly they fit.

At Trade Radiators, we know that the primary function of feet for you column radiator is security. But from an aesthetic stance, you want accessories that blend into the existing environment. We've stocked a diverse array of column radiator feet in all finishes to make sure you find the ones that not only secure your radiator but make it look its best.


A Wide Variety Of Radiator Feet

All radiator accessories come in various colours to suit your radiator. This is to make sure they blend in perfectly with your radiator and don't resemble a tacky accessory. Since they fit seamlessly, visitors will likely think the radiator feet are an existing part of the structure. 

Keep your radiator safe and sound with our long-lasting ground-mounted radiator feet. Whether you want to provide extra stability to your classic column radiator or your contemporary designer radiator, our floor mounting kits provide choices to match any radiator style.

Our radiator feet are built to improve the look and practicality of your radiator. They come in a range of premium finishes, from sheer white to elegant metallic finishes, to fit seamlessly with your radiator.

Radiator Support In Style

Whatever the style of your radiator and the environment in which it's installed, you're sure to find a type of radiator base that complements it. If you have a more conventional-looking radiator, it's probably best to choose a more muted style to prevent the bases from looking mismatched.

With designer radiators, you're free to look around and decide upon one that you think enhances the look. Whichever radiator bases you choose, you can be assured that your radiator will be safe and secure.

Remember our price match policy

If you see the same item at a cheaper price, we'll beat that. At Trade Radiators, our fierce customer-focused attitude ensures that the customer gets the best. That's why we're one of the country's leading radiator companies. Our Price Match policy guarantees we are never knowingly undercut.

Let's talk about it

Our friendly experts are sitting here, ready to take your call and advise you on the best design or style. Chatting about how we can help you is part of our job, so don't be shy.

Contact us, and an expert will be happy to help you find a solution that suits your requirements.

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