Radiator Valve Caps And Plugs

Here at Trade Radiators, we offer various radiator accessories such as radiator valve caps and plugs. 


We only stock high-quality, premium-grade parts for radiators, and we ensure we stock parts that will fit a huge range of different radiators; vertical, horizontal, column, modern, cast iron, and more.


Take a look at the stock we supply below.

Radiator Valve Caps

A radiator valve cap is vital to the operation of any radiator; it is responsible for keeping the cooling system pressurised. This is crucial for raising the boiling point to allow the radiator to generate heat. 


But the cap is also responsible for allowing coolant to flow freely into the radiator model during the cooling down process.


At Trade Radiators, we supply a host of different caps for different models of radiator such as:

And more! If you need a specific type of radiator valve, be sure to reach out, and we’ll see how we can help.

Radiator Valve Plugs

A radiator valve plug is equally important for the correct functioning of a radiator. Plugs are responsible for allowing a maximum temperature to be set for a radiator and thus the room that they are heating.


They operate by limiting the amount of water that can enter the radiator, and by limiting this, plugs act as temperature control.


Take a look at some of the valve plugs we stock here at Trade Radiators:

And many more! If you are in need of a specific type of plug, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll see what we can do.

Our Delivery Guarantee

All of our products here at Trade come with a sterling delivery service. This includes all of our valve plugs and caps.


For the folks that need a fast turnaround time on our products, we offer next-day delivery on a range of our products after the three-day fulfilment window has passed.


If that wasn’t enough, you could also buy with confidence using our excellent Returns Policy. If a part or product isn’t working the way it is meant to, then bring it back within three days, and we’ll sort it out for you.

Reach Out To Trade Now

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