Radiator Reducers & Adaptors

A necessity when installing a radiator in a custom made system that doesn’t adhere to industry-standards, a simple radiator reducer/ adaptor is the ideal solution to any installation predicament.

We have a great range of reducers that can help you ensure a radiator will make a secure connection when you’re trying to get down from 15mm to whichever size your pipes are.

Why would someone need radiator reducers?

In most UK buildings, radiator pipes have a 15mm connection point. Sometimes it’s the case that a building could have different pipe sizes due to anything from the age of the building (older pipes tend to be thinner) to budget costs. A good example of this would be buildings or houses which have 8mm/10mm microbore copper tubing to bring costs down.

When you have a measurement different from your radiator to your pipes, you’d need an adaptor/ reducer.

How do I know if I need a radiator valve reducer?

It tends to be the case that you wouldn’t need one unless you find yourself unable to connect your current radiator valves to the system. Getting a plumber to check as well is a good idea. 

What colour do radiator adaptors come in? 

You’ll want your adaptor to match the colour of the existing valve and pipework of your installation. That’s why we stock adaptors in the following finishes: 

  • Old English Brass
  • Polished Brass
  • Antique Brass
  • Chrome
  • Pewter
  • Satin Nickel

Can I buy a valve that matches a smaller pipe size?

Yes. These adaptors would generally be bought when someone already has all parts in place for their radiator installation but cannot make a clean connection. If you know you have differing pipe sizes and haven’t bought a new valve yet, we would recommend looking at the range of radiator valves by size we currently have in stock. These include 22mm,10mm and 8mm valves.

Do I need to buy a new valve when purchasing a reducer?

No. The reducer is helping to ensure a clean connection with our existing valve.

What brands make high-quality radiator reducers?

The majority of reducers on this page come from our friends at West. We find their products to be of extremely high quality and a good price. In particular, some of their compression adaptors like the Chrome Admiral 22mm Compression Adaptor are just fantastic.

Do I need anything else for my radiator?

We recommend checking out our range of radiator accessories to see if there are any other necessary pieces you’d want to have a complete installation without any problems.

Delivering reducers quickly

No one should have to wait around for a long time to finish getting a radiator hung on the wall and piped correctly. When you order a radiator reducer before 2 pm, we will try our best to have it delivered by the next working day.

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