Smart Heating Controls

Everyone loves the ability to keep tabs on their home heating, especially when you have different heating requirements for different rooms. Whether you have a living room that you want to feel welcoming in the evenings or a bathroom that has to be the right temperature for everyone waking up in the morning, a home with smart heating controls is the easiest way to keep tabs on your heating.

Trade Radiators stocks a range of smart heating controls for every type of space, both domestic and professional. Shop the current range and see how you can smarten up your heating.

What are smart heating controls?

When you need to have a greater sense of control heating any space, smart heating controls are just what you need. They come in many forms, but most will involve a digital control of a thermostat or TRV on your radiator set-up.

This type of heating control is becoming very popular in new homes and for our commercial customers, especially those operating restaurants, cafes and bars.

What can smart heating controls do?

With the kinds of products we currently have on offer, smart heating controls allow you to:

  • program when the heating comes on in certain spaces
  • adjust temperature remotely
  • turn off radiators when windows are open

What brands make the best smart heating controls?

Two notable brands we have in stock just now are Salus and Trade Direct.

Salus is really pioneering the future of home heating with some of their products that focus on optimising heat output around the home. 

Trade Direct is the brand created by the team here at Trade Radiators. We understood that customers were looking for smart heating controls but some of the products out there are quite expensive. That’s why we created more affordable thermostatic elements and smart controls for our customers.

Are there any unique products I should know about?

Some of the sensors we have in stock right now from Salus are nothing short of fascinating. The  Salus Smart Home Thermostatic Valve Sensor replaces the traditional TRV, intending to reduce energy consumption by wirelessly monitoring temperature within the room.

The Salus Smart Home Window/Door sensor is a device you’ll have never known you needed. The sensor will know if a window or door to a room has been left open and will relay it to other smart heating products in the room so that it doesn’t turn on (and waste) heat.

If you’re interested in their sensors, we would recommend getting a Salus gateway to help act as a monitor for the entire space.

Do I need to buy a new radiator to use smart heating controls?

No. These controls are adaptable for any existing radiator set-up you have.

Are there any voice-activated controls available?

The Salus Smart Home Universal Gateway for IT600 can be programmed to be compatible with Amazon Alexa but needs other Salus smart products to liaise with.

Can I use these controls with electric radiators?

If you have an electric radiator you’d like to be able to have better control of, some of the products in this section are adaptable for use. If you were looking to have the option of scheduling and boosting heat output from an electric radiator, we recommend looking at our range of electric heating elements.

Delivering smart heating controls quickly

Never wait around to smarten up your radiators. When you order any of the smart devices we have in stock, we’ll deliver it for free across the UK and aim to have it with you by next working day (when ordered before 2 pm).

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