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Bank Holiday Weekend: Our DIY Offer

May 2019 Sale

The end of May bank holiday weekend is a great time to get some DIY jobs done. Or for the procrastinators out there, even if you aren’t actually getting the jobs done, it’s a good time to assess what needs doing next time you get the opportunity! For that reason we’ve decided that all radiators, […]

Our range of convector heaters for your home

Stelrad Compact Radiator - White

White convector radiators are the most common type of radiator that you can get. However, that doesn’t mean they have to be boring and lacking in inspiration. We have a great range of convector radiators to choose from that straddle the line between functional and stylish beautifully, resulting in economic and efficient heat emitters for […]

LANDED! 10% Apollo Radiator Sale

Apollo Radiator Sale

It’s incredibly exciting this May as our Apollo Radiator Sale has officially landed until 18th May. Designed and manufactured in Italy, our Apollo Radiators are made to the highest possible standards and come with the typical Italian flair for design. Our Apollo range includes flat panels, classic columns and aluminium radiators, all with a fantastic […]

Can you paint a radiator?

A Spray Painted Radiator in multiple colours

It’s very possible that you have some old white convector radiators in your home that require painting. They might have become yellow with age or may have been chipped and are revealing the bare metal underneath. Whatever the reason, it is certainly possible to paint an old radiator as long as you stick to a […]

Our Easter Radiator Sale is on – 10% discount

Easter Radiator Sale 2019

The extra long Easter weekend is a great opportunity to get some DIY jobs done around the house. This includes replacing old radiators, particularly as the move into spring means that having the central heating on full blast is less essential, making it a good time to briefly switch it off. All of our radiators […]

What can cause a radiator to leak?

Leaking radiator

Water can cause a lot of damage if it’s left to its own devices in the wrong places. So, if you discover that one of your radiators is leaking water, it’s important to dry the damp patch quickly and to establish where the leak is coming from. In this article we’ll look at the most […]

Spring Cleaning: Tips for Cleaning Your Radiators

Cleaning a radiator

As winter moves into spring and the evenings get increasingly lighter, it’s a time that we all start to think about having hardcore cleaning session. Throughout the winter, our central heating systems are operating at full capacity due to the cold external temperatures. This often attracts dust and dirt to our radiators, so by the […]

Mother’s Day Sale! 15% off all designer radiators

Mother's Day Radiator Sale 2019 - 15% off all designer radiators at TradeRadiators.com

Attention all people looking for a fantastic gift for their Mums this Mother’s Day, which falls on Sunday 31st March 2019 in the UK. What better way to warm Mummy’s heart that presenting them with a delightfully stylish designer radiator?! Between 25th March – 1st April 2019, we’re offering a massive 15% discount off all […]

Interior design inspiration – Vertical Radiators

Black Vertical Radiator installed in a monochrome dining room

If don’t follow radiator current affairs as closely as we do (and we know there’s still a few of you) then you may not be aware of just how far radiator technology has come in the last few years. If that is the case, then sit back, relax and allow this article to introduce you […]