Articles by Ben Clarke

With a background in e-commerce, and a keen interest in creative writing and essayism, Ben's skills seemed a natural fit when he became Chief Contributing Editor for the Trade Radiators blogging team in the early days of the company. Over a decade later, Ben has crafted a vast library of incredibly useful home heating articles, guides, and posts on the Trade Radiators Advice Centre, that get accessed from all over the world.

With a keen eye for a designer rad, Ben likes nothing more than snapping a picture of rad or rail in a range of exotic locations, from pub toilet to 5* (ahem 3*) hotel bathroom, and eagerly sharing it for feedback on the Trade Radiators WhatsApp group - a veritable hotbed of rad chat, it really is. He can also be found across a multitude of platforms providing further home & garden advice on a wide range of hot topics.

Ben has never lost touch with what it was like to be a novice in domestic heating and aims to create content that makes even the newest of newbies feel welcome and comfortable when making decisions about heating their homes. The Trade Radiators Advice Centre is an ongoing, ever-evolving wealth of heating information and with Ben at the helm, you can expect high quality and easy-to-understand radiator and heating content continuing to flow on a regular basis.

Articles by Ben Clarke

Ben Clarke

I have over 10 years of experience researching and writing about a broad range of heating-related subjects. I understand the significance of home heating and strive to provide you with high-quality radiator content in an easy-to-understand manner.