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Our Best-Selling Trade Direct Radiators of 2019

White Classic Column Trade Direct Radiator

Trade Direct 3 Column Radiator White 1800mm x 380mm Effortlessly stylish, this beautiful 3 column radiator from our Trade Direct range is capable of emitting 6454 BTUs, which will provide a great amount of heat to any area its installed in. Because of its vertical orientation, this stunning rad would be well-suited for rooms that […]

Summer Sale! – 10% off all rads & rails

August 2019 Radiator Sale - 10% discount

Its August – and while that means that you probably aren’t thinking about your central heating, it’s actually a great time to install new radiators and heated towel rails. Because of this, we’ve decided to slash our prices by 10% for 10 days. The discount applies to all radiators, heated towel rails, valves and accessories. […]

What is the best heater for a large room?

A cat lying on a chair in front of a window and large radiator

When it’s cold outside, you obviously don’t want to be sat in a freezing cold house putting on more layers until you look like the Michelin Man. Inevitably, you’re going to put on the central heating. That being said, if you have a particularly large room, or one that has high ceilings, it’s common for […]

Our new website has launched – get 20% off

Trade Radiators' 2019 New Website has launched

Here at TradeRadiators.com, we are delighted to announce that we have overhauled our website, making it even easier for you to find the perfect radiator or heated towel rail for your home. Here are some of the highlights and better functionality that our new site can offer you in your quest to find the right […]

Interior design inspiration: Nordic ‘Hygge’

A room with the Hygge effect

There’s no literal English translation of the Danish word ‘Hygge’, but it roughly means a feeling of being in the moment and acknowledging that moment as cosy, contented, familiar and reassuring. Hygge has become a bit of a lifestyle trend around the world and it’s worldwide success has probably more to do with the work […]

2019 Summer Sale – 10% off everything

Summer Sale 2019

Yes, the summer is here. We’re in July and the temperatures are blazing, so we’re absolutely certain that your central heating situation is your number one priority right now! Sarcasm aside, the summer months are actually a very good time to sort out your heating system, get new radiators and have your boiler serviced. Not […]

How to refill a central heating system efficiently

Spanners and Grips for fixing central heating system

If you’re treating corrosion or replacing or moving a radiator, then a very useful skill is to know how to drain and refill your central heating system. Drain out the water The first thing to do is to drain all the water out of your system. In order to do this, you’ll need to switch […]

How to remove rust from chrome radiators

Old rusty Radiator

Many radiators and heated towel rails are manufactured using mild steel. In order to provide a shiny and protective finish, a chrome plating is added over the top, which usually makes the rad or rail look more stylish. However, over time, whether it’s through leaks, condensation or lack of maintenance, rust can form on the […]

Design inspiration: Gold radiators

A gold cast iron radiator

Everybody wants to sell what’s already been sold,Everybody wants to tell what’s already been told,What’s the use of moneyIf you ain’t gonna break the mould?Even at the centre of the fire, there is cold,All that glitters ain’t gold. Prince Perhaps the lyrics should be “even at the centre of every self-respecting living room, there is […]

Father’s Day Radiator Sale – 10% discount

Father's Day 10% Sale 2019

In celebration of all those Daddies out there, we’re giving you 10% off all radiators and heated towel rails on our website. If you’ve got a Father who likes indulging in a spot of DIY, then what better gift can you think of than a radiator? Summertime is the best time to upgrade your radiators […]