Benefits of Aluminium Radiators

Benefits of Aluminium Radiators
17 January 2023
Benefits of Aluminium Radiators
An aluminium radiatorAn aluminium radiator

With the manipulation of metals becoming evermore sophisticated in recent decades, aluminium has increasingly become the metal of choice in many industries.

As the most abundant metal on Earth, aluminium has amazing properties that has made it crucial to many areas from aeronautical engineering to construction and building components.

One of the fields in which aluminium has had a huge impact is in the design of radiators for heating homes and buildings. Prior to the ability to manipulate aluminium on a mass scale, traditional radiators had only been manufactured from cast iron.

Cast iron radiators were invented in the 1860s when Joseph Nason and Robert Briggs patented the first steam-powered radiator and although this invention led to the revolutionising of heating up a home, cast iron did come with its problems.

The most notable of these issues is the heavy weight of the metal and the large amount of time it took to heat up and radiate substantial heat. Aluminium on the other hand is a very lightweight material that can be reshaped and manipulated without compromising its considerable strength. Therefore, an aluminium radiator is much easier to manufacture, transport and install, making it a cheaper option than steel and cast iron from start to finish.

Another huge advantage of aluminium radiators is the fact that they require far less energy to heat up. Aluminium is an excellent thermal conductor and has the ability to heat up very quickly. This property lends itself perfectly to radiators, meaning you don’t have to switch it on a long time before it has an effect on the temperature of a room. This avoids the wasted energy of heating an unoccupied room and, in turn, results in less expenditure on water, gas and electricity.

Indeed, looking on any radiator retailer’s website will show you that the BTU or Watt output of an aluminium radiator is considerably higher than an iron and steel radiator of similar dimensions.

Because aluminium radiators are so quick at getting to the desired temperature, it makes them very suitable for areas of a house that are only used occasionally such as an attic or a conservatory.

As previously hinted at, an aluminium radiator is considered very environmentally friendly and not only because of the lower heating bills it generates. Aluminium is comparatively cheap and easy to recycle and more and more countries across the world are putting systems in place to get scrap aluminium from the home to recycling plants.

Many of the aluminium radiators on the market today are manufactured from recycled aluminium, which spares the Earth’s crust from being plundered for more metal as well as the large financial cost of extracting new aluminium from the ground. Once aluminium radiators have served their purpose, they can easily be melted down and go back into the process to be used for something else at relatively little expense.

Aluminium Radiators at Trade Radiators

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It is important to remember that when we talk about aluminium, we are referring to the material used and not the colour of the radiator. We stock aluminium radiators in several finishes such as anthracite, black, silver, and polished.

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