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We have a large range of electric radiators and heated towel rails on our website, and they are really an investment worth considering.

Perhaps not surprisingly, they are very popular for people who don't have a conventional hot water central heating system in their homes but still need a way to heat them.

However, electric towel rails in particular are very popular for people who have central heating. This is because you get the option of switching them on and off as and when you need them without impacting on the main heating system.

So, below we list our best selling electric radiators and heated towel rails for you to choose from for your home:


A Lazzarini Roma Chrome electric heated towel rail

Lazzarini Radiators have a long history of high quality radiator and heated towel rail manufacture and their Roma range of towel rails are no exception.

Pictured here is the stylish straight bar design, made from the best quality mild steel and covered in a visually appealing chrome plating.

The Roma heated towel rail can be considered a quintessential towel rail design, which is why is is one of our best sellers with our customers.

With these electric radiators, we offer the option of single heat element or the luxury of a variable heat element, where you can set the temperature yourself based upon the available settings.


A Wentworth traditional bathroom radiator

One of the best ways to introduce some classic style into your bathroom is by opting for a traditional bathroom radiator.

Pictured is the Wentworth Traditional Radiator, which is actually a dual fuel rad, meaning that it can be connected up to the conventional hot water system or via the mains electrical supply.

However, we have a fantastic range of these stunning radiators on our website.

The standard colours for these type of radiators are white and chrome, however we have recently mixed things up a bit and introduced a couple of very stylish anthracite and chrome options. Great if you want to add a contemporary twist!

Not only do these rads perform the function of heating your bathroom efficiently, but they also have a very useful bar for hanging, heating and drying towels!


A Victoriana electric cast iron radiator

Many people believe that you have to have a conventional central heating system in order to enjoy the luxury of cast iron radiators. We are delighted to say that this is absolutely not true.

On our website, we have a vast range of electric cast iron radiators that can connect to the mains. Even if you have a standard central heating system, it's worth considering an electric rad for areas where it's not possible to run hot water pipes.

These beauties are a very efficient way of using electricity to heat your home and mean that you don't have to have a modern central heating system to be able to inject the grandeur that cast iron radiators bring to proceedings.

The Rad pictured is a Victoriana Cast Iron Radiator, but we have a lot of different styles, dimensions and finishes that we can offer you!


DQ VELA DESIGNER ELECTRIC RADIATOR in a room set against a brick wall.

We are delighted to let you know that there are also designer radiators for electric central heating systems and we offer a lovely selection of them on our website.

The one pictured is an amazing DQ Vela electric vertical radiator that makes the most of upwards space. This is particularly useful if you have limited wall space or a small room, as it means you can still get heat in there.

The flat panel design looks incredibly stylish and shows what a long way electric radiator technology has come since the old days of plugin electric heaters.

Available in white or anthracite, vertical or horizontal, the DQ Vela range is a great place to start if you want that touch of designer class in your home and attached to your electric heating system.


350W Trade Direct Infrared Aluminium Electric Panel Heater White

One of the great benefits of having electric radiators installed, and panel heaters in particular, is that there is minimal disruption caused and no need for major rerouting of your pipework.

They can also be quite slimline and unobtrusive, as the Infrared Aluminium Panel heater pictured above demonstrates nicely.

Electric Panel Radiators can look great in minimalist homes or offices due to their subtle styling and ability to blend into the background.

That being said, we do have a variety of electric panel heaters and radiators available, which include mirrors, black panels and curved aluminium panels. So, whatever type of electric panel rad you're looking for, we've got you covered.


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