Best wall mounted electric radiators: Expert Guide

17 January 2023
Best wall mounted electric radiators: Expert Guide

Best wall mounted electric radiators: Expert Guide

If you're considering your options when it comes to installing a heating system in your property, then it's very likely you've thought about putting in electric radiators. The popularity of wall-mounted electric radiators has hugely increased in recent years as manufacturers have released a massive variety of stylish designs suitable or all types of properties. In this article, we'll take a look at the best wall-mounted electric radiators and panel heaters available in the UK.

Why choose electric heating?

More and more people are opting to have wall-mounted electric heaters in their homes for a number of reasons.

Less disruptive to install

Electric radiators are easy to install (for qualified electricians) and the process of fitting is much less disruptive than a conventional hot water central heating system. There are no pipes involved so floorboards do not tend to be needed to be prized up in order to install electric rads. This is particularly useful for getting heat into rooms such as attics, conservatories, garden offices or other rooms that may not be connected up to the mains central heating system.

Easy to maintain

A major reason many choose electric radiators and panel heaters for their homes is due to the low amount of maintenance needed to keep them working to their optimal level. Radiator-based heating systems are reliant on pipes, hot water and expensive components like pumps and boilers - all of which require regular maintenance in order to keep them running smoothly. Electric radiators on the other hand, have very few moving parts, relying on an element to convert electricity into heat. In the unlikely event an electric radiator does require maintenance, it doesn't impact on the heating in the rest of the home. The lack of moving parts and need for regular maintenance makes wall-mounted electric radiators particularly popular for buy-to-let properties.

Efficient form of heating

At the time of writing, gas prices have sky-rocketed and there has been a lot of uncertainty about just how high they will continue to rise in future. While electricity prices are also impacted, there is anticipated to be less fluctuation in prices. This can help many people who like to plan their energy costs to have slightly more control over their monthly outgoings and as a result, many people will be choosing electric radiators over gas powered-boilers.

The best electric wall-mounted radiators & panel heaters

Here at Trade Radiators, we have a massive choice of electric radiators in stock, with prices you won’t find anywhere else.  Our range promises simple but effective electric heaters that will match the décor in any room. With excellent efficiency as well as high BTU outputs, our electric radiators allow you to get the best of both worlds. The best of these wall-mounted options are listed beow.

Reina Arlec Designer Electric Radiators

Reina Electric Radiator

Reina are a very well-respected radiator manufacturer and the Arlec Radiator model is a top quality electric radiator option. These are made from aluminium, finished in white, meaning these electric radiators are incredible conductors of heat. This ensures you start to feel warm very quickly at a very energy-efficient rate.

The Arlec range of electric radiators come with a programmable thermostat and timer resulting in greater control of when your heating comes on and off. Not only does this help you heat your home exactly when you need it, you're also ensuring that energy is not wasted heating empty or unused rooms.

Available in a wide range of sizes, the Arlec by Reina is a fantastic wall-mounted electric radiator that is suitable for any home.

Nordic Electric Column Radiators

Nordic Electric Column Radiator

Many people love the look of column radiators but don't want to have to fit them into their home's central heating system. That's why, due to popular demand, we now offer an amazing range of electric column radiators.

Our Nordic electric column radiators don't just offer an efficient way to heat a room that's simple and easy to set up, they also look fantastic in just about any space you place them in. Combining a high BTU output with a simple and straightforward plug-in-and-use functionality makes these radiators extremely versatile.

These stunning Nordic rads are easy to wall mount and are incredibly energy efficient, manufactured from mild steel using world-class Italian design and manufacture. The elegant white colouring and sleek gloss finish will make a bright, luxurious addition to any room in your home.

DQ Vela Vertical Electric Radiators

DQ Vertical Electric Radiator

A great way to save floor space, avoid nasty pipework and heat a room with no problems, we have a unique range of wall-mounted DQ electric vertical radiators available that will see you measuring up walls in no time at all.

With their ultra-modern design and high-quality finish, we are proud to stock these electric vertical radiators that would look perfect in your bathroom, kitchen or hallway. The flat panel design looks incredibly stylish and shows what a long way electric radiator technology has come since the old days of plugin electric heaters.

Available in white or anthracite, vertical or horizontal, the DQ Vela range is a great place to start if you want that touch of designer class in your home and attached to your electric heating system.

Towelrads Glass Panel Electric Radiators

Towelrads electric infrared glass panel radiator

We are delighted to offer customers this unique range of designer electric radiators from Towelrads, using the latest technology to create infrared glass radiators that can take pride of place in any room.

One of the major benefits is that these type of electric panel radiators are extremely slimline and don't project out far from the wall. If you are looking for an unobtrusive and minimalist design for your electric heating, then these wall-mounted panel rads could be the option for you.

It is our opinion that these unique radiators look best when installed in bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms and other spaces that use neutral or soft tones. If you’re running an office or commercial space and want a discreet solution to heating your room electrically, these glass panel heaters are a great alternative to plug-in heaters.

Trade Direct Electric Towel Rails

Trade Direct Electric Heated Towel Rail

If you're looking for a very specific option for your bathroom or kitchen, then you must take a look at these Trade Direct electric heated towel rails.

Space is quite often in short supply in many smaller bathrooms or en-suites and towel rails are a great way of getting heat into very small areas, especially as we offer them in dimensions that fit all types of spaces. With curved or straight bar designs and available in a range of finishes, the Trade Direct electric rails could be the answer to the electric heating challenges in your bathroom.

With these electric rails, we offer the option of single heat element or the luxury of a variable heat element, where you can set the temperature yourself based upon the available settings.