Can you put an electric radiator in your bathroom?

Can you put an electric radiator in your bathroom?
17 January 2023
Can you put an electric radiator in your bathroom?
An electric anthracite heated towel rail on the wall in a bathroom.

We've all learnt from a very early age that mixing water and electricity is potentially fatal, so it's natural to wonder if electric radiators or heated towel rails can safely be installed in bathrooms.

Fortunately, it is perfectly safe to put electric rads and rails in your bathroom as long as you follow some important rules and guidelines. In this article we'll cover a few of those vital points so that you can feel more confident and knowledge if you decide to take this route.

It must be done by a professional

Even if you're simply considering the possibility of putting an electric radiator or towel rail in your bathroom, you need to be fully aware that this job can only be done by a qualified electrician. This is not a task that you can attempt yourself, even if you have some useful DIY experience around the house.

Anything concerning the electrics in a modern home must be completed by a qualified electrician and the work accompanied by the appropriate paperwork and certifications. This is a legal requirement and is doubly important when it concerns a room that can get very wet, such as a bathroom.

Installation of a an electric bathroom radiator is a safe and straightforward task for an experienced and qualified electrician, but it must only be done by them, not by anyone without the necessary qualifications and expertise. It is NOT a run-of-the-mill DIY task where you can roll your sleeves up and 'see what happens' by doing it yourself.

Hopefully this point has been made clear and you are in no doubt about it.

Electric radiators & towel rails are waterproof

Now it's been established who should be installing any electric radiators or heated towel rails in your bathroom, it's also important to make clear that the rads and rails themselves are designed to be waterproof, with no exposed wiring that can be in danger of getting wet.

All electric radiators and heated towel rails come with an electric element, which is the component responsible for converting electricity into heat output. This element is sealed within the radiator and is therefore not exposed externally.

In addition, the wiring from an electric radiator or towel rail is hardwired into the mains electricity supply. It is not connected via a traditional plug/socket and is not susceptible to possible water ingress. One of the main reasons that a qualified electrician must be required is to ensure this hardwired electricity connection is done safely and placed in the correct 'zone' of your bathroom - i.e. at a legally-required distance away from baths, showers, taps and any other water outlets.

As a final piece of safety, electric radiators and electric heated towel rails come with safety cutouts, to ensure that they do not overheat if they are left on.

The convenience of electric heating

You may be considering putting an electric radiator or heated towel rail in your bathroom because of the convenience it provides.

Because electric heaters are powered by connection to the mains electrical system, there is no need for taking up floor boards or chunks out of the wall to accommodate copper centra heating pipes. A qualified electrician can simply wall-mount the heater, connect it up to the system and switch it on. This ease of installation not only means less disruption, but also has the potential to be significantly cheaper. It's a popular solution for people who have a newly-created bathroom or a downstairs bathroom that is not served by your home's copper pipe network.

Another convenience of having electric heating in your bathroom is that you can switch it on and off as and when you need it without needing to switch on your whole central heating system. This is a particularly popular reason people give when deciding to install an electric heated towel rail in their bathrooms or ensuites. It may not be necessary in summer, for example, to have the whole central heating system on but you can still opt to dry your damp towels by manually switching on your electric towel rail.

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