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When did you last top up your chemical inhibitor levels?

Fernox Chemical Inhibitor

One of the most important (and most overlooked) parts of your central heating system is the levels of chemical inhibitor that’s inside it. If you have no idea what chemical inhibitor is then you definitely need to read on. This article will show you how you can potentially avoid a central heating system breakdown and […]

When to start getting your radiators ready for winter

Column Radiator

September is the time when the warm part of the year transitions into the longer and colder months. The nights start to draw in and those occasions when the central heating needs to go on become more and more frequent. A common question that people have is “when should I get my radiators ready for […]

5 DIY radiator skills you can easily learn

Chemical inhibitor being poured

If you don’t have a lot of experience with the heating system in your home, there are some tasks that you can undertake yourself that will ease you in gently to the world of central heating systems. These jobs are useful to know as it can save you the cost of calling out a plumber […]

Essential radiator maintenance tips for the summer

Maintenance Tools

Your central heating system can be likened to a car in the sense that it contains moving parts that need to be regularly serviced and maintained in order to ensure smooth running. Ignore or neglect the maintenance on your car and after a while you’re likely find yourself stuck on the hard shoulder of a […]

How To Drain A Central Heating System

To completely drain your central heating system, it’s often a good idea to drain more than one radiator. This helps to ensure that there is no chance of any water leaking out. One thing to bear in mind if you do drain your system completely is that some boilers will not work during this period.‹ […]

How to bleed a radiator with a combi boiler

Bleeding a radiator

If you have radiators that are getting nice and hot at the bottom, but remain cold at the top, it’s very likely that you have air trapped in the radiator and will need bleeding. In this article, we will explain how a combi boiler works and explain what a pressurised system is. We will also take […]

A Guide To Painting A Radiator

Cleaning a radiator

Giving an old radiator a fresh coat of paint can often give what was once an eyesore, a whole new lease of life. If you are going to paint an old radiator, then you will need suitable solvent-based radiator paint, a chunky paint brush and a dust sheet to avoid getting paint on your carpet or flooring. If your radiator has been painted before, then you may need to use some sand paper to give it a rub-down first to get rid of any lumps and bumps from the previous layer of paint..

How to replace a radiator in 4 easy steps

A plumber removing a radiator

This guide is strictly for those who have some DIY experience and are confident that they can install a radiator competently. If you do have some plumbing experience then fitting a radiator is actually a fairly straightforward task. However, if you are not used to carrying out jobs like this around the house, we recommend […]

Is your radiator still cold after bleeding?

An old cold radiator

A common problem that people have with their central heating systems is a radiator that won’t get hot. One of the first things to do in this situation is to bleed the radiator in case air has got trapped in the system and is preventing hot water from completely filling the radiator. Bleeding the air […]