DIY Troubleshooting

  1. How To Easily Fix A Dripping Tap

    A dripping tap is a common problem, but one that can be fixed very easily. Follow the steps in our article & solve this annoying prob

  2. Removing A Radiator for Decorating

    If you are redecorating a room, you will know that there is an awkward area behind your radiator that can prove difficult to paint or wal

  3. How To Paint A Radiator

    Giving an old radiator a fresh coat of paint can often give what was once an eyesore, a whole new lease of life. If you are going to pain

  4. How to fit thermostatic radiator valves

    A very important part of a radiator is the thermostatic valve. On the valve, you will find 5 settings that are achievable by twisting the

  5. General plumbing maintenance tips

    The world of plumbing is a large one, and keeping on top of it can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Learning best practi

  6. Repairing Leaky Pipes Temporarily

    It may not always be possible to carry out an immediate and permanent repair on a leaking pipe, and a solution to this can be to temporar

  7. Bring Some Warmth To Your Bathroom With A Stainless Steel Towel Rail

    Stainless steel towel rails are a fantastic way of heating a bathroom and they look great as well! Find out about their benefits!

  8. Why is My Radiator Cold? A Guide To Heating Your Home

    Sometimes your radiators need a little care and attention. If your radiators are still cold when the heating is on, 

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