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  1. Get awesome design ideas from Trade Radiators on Instagram

    We feature loads of our customer submitted photos on Instagram to inspire you in your radiator choices!

  2. Interior design inspiration - White Heated Towel Rails

    The white heated towel rail looks, clean, stylish and minimalist are is proving to be increasingly popular.

  3. The increasing importance of taps in an interior design plan

    Taps make a huge difference to the aesthetics of a bathroom or kitchen, so installers should know the available options.

  4. Why it's important for installers to keep up with radiator fashions

    Installers need to be aware of the latest radiator fashions and technologies to help customers make good decisions.

  5. Why it's not worth sacrificing energy efficiency for aesthetics

    Rads & rails now need to look great, but not at the expense of energy efficiency.

  6. How to keep bathrooms free from germs

    Bathrooms can harbour lots of germs, but with a little bit of effort, you can keep those washrooms spotless.

  7. How to be clever when designing a small bathroom

    Knowing the tricks of the trade to make a bathroom look bigger will satisfy customers & make plumbers look good!

  8. How to make the most out of a small bathroom

    The right planning can make your small bathroom or ensuite the most important room in your house!

  9. How to get the most out of your ensuite bathroom

    Get creative with your ensuite bathroom & maximise the space at your disposal!

  10. Turning old radiators into furniture art!

    What happens to old radiators when they die? Normally the scrapheap, but not so in this case. Check out how these old rads have had new l

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