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How to remove a radiator without draining it

Jimmy the plumber is back showing you how to remove a rad without the bother of draining your heating system.

13 July 2020

VIDEO - How To Install A Radiator Under A Window

Jimmy the plumber shows us how to install a radiator under a window in this informative video.

17 January 2017

VIDEO - How to install anthracite radiators in different rooms

Jimmy the plumber installs 3 anthracite Saturn radiators - two horizontals & one vertical double panel.

9 September 2016

VIDEO - How to install a dual fuel heated towel rail

Jimmy installs a dual fuel towel rail and connects it to the central heating system and the electrics.

22 July 2016

VIDEO - How to hang a radiator in a pub

Jimmy the plumber fits a radiator in a gents toilet and in a ladies toilet in a pub.

23 May 2016

VIDEO - View Our Trade Direct Heated Towel Rail Range

In this video, Jimmy the plumber shows you our fantastic Trade Direct range of heated towel rails

11 May 2016

VIDEO - How to bleed a radiator

Bleeding a radiator is a simple task that you can easily do yourself. Jimmy the plumber explains how to do it.

4 May 2016

VIDEO - 10 Easy Ways To Save Money On Heating

Video on 10 easy ways to save money on your fuel bills!

29 April 2016

VIDEO - How to install a radiator in a tricky place

Jimmy the plumber shows it's possible to install a radiator in an awkward place and make it look neat!

30 March 2016