How do the Elan designer aluminium radiators have such a high output?

When it comes to kicking out serious heat, the range of radiators with the highest heat outputs in our catalogue are the Elan Aluminum designer radiators. Coming in a range of sizes, both horizontal and vertical, as well as being available in white, black, anthracite or silver, these beauties are more than capable than heating up large rooms efficiently and economically. The Elans are made of aluminium, which means they react very quickly to a change in temperature of the water running through it. Couple this with the clever design and you’ve got yourself a radiator that can throw out a fantastic amount of heat. The innovative tubular design of the Elan range works efficiently by drawing in cold air through the bottom of the tube. As the air passes up the tubes, it gets heated up very quickly and the hot air is distributed out of the top. So not only does the radiator warm the room through radiant heat (warming the air in front of the radiator), the design also allows for convection heat transfer by maximising the surface area of the radiator. The great thing is these radiators can get up to maximum temperature quickly, but, equally important, is the fact that they also cool down very quickly too; vital for efficiency and saving money on your heating bills. View the Elan Aluminium Designer Radiators on »» See more on the benefits of aluminium radiators »» Please see the image below for the technical details behind the design of the Elan radiators. Elan Radiator technical details Article by Benjamin Clarke
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