How much does it cost to fit a heated towel rail?

Having a heated towel rail installed in the home is now a very popular thing to do, especially in bathrooms, en-suites or cloakrooms. Years ago, a radiator dedicated to keeping towels warm was seen as an absolute luxury, more commonly seen in upmarket hotels. However, due to their affordability, the trusty heated towel rail has become a must-have fixture for any self-respecting homeowner. When deciding to put a heated towel rail into your home, there are a number of things to consider before starting the process. These factors will dictate how much you need to spend in order to get the task done.

DIY or call in a professional?

Installing a heated towel rail is not a particularly difficult task, however if you have no experience with DIY, plumbing or other jobs around the home, then it's probably best to employ the services of a professional plumber. If you are adding a heated towel rail into a bathroom that already has a radiator, for example, it may well be the case that pipework needs to be rejigged and moved around - definitely not a job for a novice. If you don't have a coventional hot water central heating system, then you will require an electric heated towel rail that needs connecting up to the mains. Any rewiring should only be done by someone experienced or a professional. Obviously, using a trusted professional to do the job will make things more expensive, but will ensure that the job is done properly.

Buy the towel rail yourself or let the plumber decide?

If you get a professional plumber in to fit the heated towel rail, you can leave it up to them to decide what would be best for your living space. If you don't want anything special and are mainly concerned with it being functional and fitted correctly, then you can leave it up to the plumber to choose a standard towel rail for you. However, there are a huge selection of heated towel rails available to purchase in a range of colours, finishes, sizes and styles. There are also a great deal of bargains to be had if you shop around, meaning that you can get exactly what you want for a great price, without being at the mercy of the plumbers' choices and prices from their suppliers. There's nothing stopping you from ordering a heated towel rail (and accompanying radiator valves) and then getting a plumber in to fit it. Again, whether you purchase the heated towel rail yourself or allow the plumber to do it for you will affect the final price for the job.

Do you need a plumber or an electrician?

Some professionals are both qualified plumbers and electricians, but most definitely not all, so it's important to get the right person in to get the job done, which could affect the final price. If you have a conventional hot water central heating system, where you have a boiler and radiators that fill with hot water, then you'll need a Gas Safe Regsitered plumber to carry out the job. If you have an electric heating system, whereby you have wall-mounted storage heaters that are connected to the mains electricity supply, then you'll need a qualified electrician. This is important as necessary paperwork needs to be completed demonstrating that the work is safe and adheres to The Building Regulations. If you're having a dual fuel heated towel rail fitted, then this needs to be connected to the hot water central heating system AND to the electrical mains supply, so you'll either need to find a professional who can legally do both, or get a plumber and an electrician to install it safely and correctly. This obviously means you may have to pay more. WIth electric and dual fuel rails, you'll also need to decide if you want a variable heat element on the rail. This will allow you to vary the temperature on the rail, though costs more than a non-variable, single heat element.

So what will the final cost be?

As explained above, there are several variables that could affect the final price of installation of a heated towel rail. Additionally, the price could vary simply depending on what part of the UK you live in, or how busy your local professionals are. However we will give a 'standard approximate cost' that you can expect to pay in the region of. One of the best ways to guarantee a lower price is by purchasing the towel rail yourself and then only paying for the labour to fit it. • Standard installation of a conventional hot water heated towel rail - around £200 - £300 for labour - around £150 for towel rail • Standard installation of an electric heated towel rail - around £200 for labour - around £150 - £200 for towel rail • Standard installation of a dual fuel heated towel rail - around £300 - £500 for labour - around £150 - £200 for towel rail
If you require a high quality, reliable and trustworthy local professional, you can easily see who's available in your area by simply entering your postcode at We have a fantastic range of heated towel rails on our website, in a massive variety of sizes, styles, finishes, heat outputs - all with free delivery and long, comprehensive guarantees and suitable for conventional, electric or dual fuel central heating systems. Simply click on the image below to view our catalogue: heated_towel_rail_range Article by Benjamin Clarke RELATED ARTICLES • Interior design inspiration - Chrome Heated Towel Rails 21st Feb 2017  • Interior design inspiration - Traditional Heated Towel Rails 9th Sep 2014  • How to choose a heated towel rail 26th Jun 2013 
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