How To Bleed A Radiator Guide

14 August 2013
How To Bleed A Radiator Guide

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To ensure the smooth running of your central heating system you occasionally have to bleed your radiator. It is a fairly simple task but you should follow the following steps to ensure that you don’t come up against any problems.

To start with you will need a Tea towel and a radiator key. You will need to ensure the central heating is off or you could face introducing more air into the system.

Make sure both of the valves that you will find at the bottom of the radiator are open. Then insert the radiator key into the bleed screw that you will find at the top of the radiator.

You will need to have a towel ready to catch any drips and then you can start the process. Turn the key slowly in a clockwise motion by about half a turn. You should be able to hear the hissing of the air escaping at this point.

Continue this process until water begins to squirt out and then retighten the screw until you can confirm there are no further leaks. Repeat this process on all of your radiators and then top up your boiler if necessary.

As always we would ask that you do not attempt any radiator maintenance without being sure of what you are doing. Seek guidance from a professional if you are unclear about any points in the process.