How to clean chrome radiators

1 July 2020
How to clean chrome radiators

Because radiators are almost constantly heating up and cooling down, it's inevitable that they will attract dirt over time.

Because the highly polished nature of a chrome finish is one of its main attractions, bringing it back to its best is important in keeping your chrome radiators looking great.

Here are the basic steps to get your chrome rads looking clean again:

  • Use a radiator brush to remove all the dust
  • Gentle wipe the surface using mild soapy water
  • Remove all traces of water with a dry microfibre cloth
  • Take a new microfibre cloth and buff to a shiny finish

Radiator brushes

If you've got a flat or slightly grooved fronted radiator then you might be able to get away with using a standard duster to remove dust.

However, for chrome column radiators or for the fins down the back of a convector radiator, using a specific radiator brush is really helpful.

Because radiator brushes are long and flexible, you can get into all sorts of nooks and crannies that a regular duster simply can't reach.

Hot radiators are notorious for collecting dust so investing in a radiator brush is a great idea.

Mild detergents

Chrome radiators and towel rails are generally made from mild steel with a chrome plating put over the top. This mirrored chrome plating looks fantastic but is not quite as durable as stainless steel so don't be too aggressive when cleaning.

A mild detergent like soapy water or a diluted white vinegar solution will be kind to the finish, helping it to look good for longer.

Don't be tempted to use kitchen surface cleaners on your rads as these are much stronger and have the potential to damage the chrome plating.

Microfibre cloths

These types of cloths are fantastic for cleaning all sorts of surfaces, including chrome radiators.

The 'micro fibres' gives them a slight bobbled appearance which is great for removing dust, dirt and fingerprints without the need to use much cleaner or detergent.

The bobbling helps for greater friction but they are also soft and won't damage the surface being cleaned.

This is important for chrome plated radiators as it would be a shame to spoil the mirrored finish by accidentally putting scratches into the surface.

Use separate microfibre cloths to apply the cleaner and then to buff the finish. This will maximise the shiny effect of your radiators and keep the chrome looking eye-catchingly good!


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