How To Easily Fix A Dripping Tap

For many people the problem of a leaky tap is one that they will put up with. The thought of having to pay for a professional to come out and repair what is a minor inconvenience and annoyance makes people learn to live with it. The truth is that this small problem wastes both water and money, and can be easily solved by following these quick and simple steps. To start with, you will need to turn off your water supply and drain the pipes. If the tap you plan on working on is upstairs, running the taps downstairs will clear the pipes. It is recommended that you block the sink hole after the pipes have been drained as you do not want to lose any internal pieces of the tap down the drain. Remove the cap from the top of the tap (Usually the part that says "Hot" or "Cold") and then loosen the screw below to remove the handle. Remove the release valve under the handle by loosening the nut with a spanner. You can use a towel over the tap and hold the tap with plumber's pliers so the tap does not move while you are releasing the nut. You will now be able to remove the valve and then replace the washer with a new one. To reassemble your tap and get everything back in working order just reverse these steps. When your tap is fully reassembled you will be able to turn your water supply back on. If you are unsure which washer you will need you can carry out this process, remove it and take it to a DIY shop to make sure you get the right one. If this process does not work you may need to consult a professional to ensure the tap is in good working order and that there is no bigger issue. 1. Turn off your water supply and drain the pipes. 2. Block the sink hole to avoid losing pieces of the tap down the drain! 3. Remove the cap from the top of the tap & loosen the screw. 4. Remove the release valve by loosening the nut. Use a towel over the tap and hold the tap with pliers to stop the tap moving. 5. Remove the valve and replace the washer. 6. Reassemble the tap by reversing the previous steps. 7. When the tap is fully reassembled, turn the water supply back on.
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