How to get the most out of your ensuite bathroom

How to get the most out of your ensuite bathroom
17 January 2023
How to get the most out of your ensuite bathroom
Once upon a time, ensuite bathrooms were considered a luxury, reserved only for those with a lot of money to spend. These days, the ensuite is commonplace and is usually a very useful addition to a home. It’s often the case that ensuites are squeezed into very small area, but this is no reason for them to feel claustrophobic, as our design ideas below will show:
Hide pipework Back to wall toilet Pipework on display can often make a room feel cluttered, which is fine in a large room, but not so desirable in a small ensuite bathroom. It’s possible to create the illusion of space by boxing in pipework behind panels or tiling. It’s possible to buy specially-designed toilets called ‘back to wall’ toilets that hide their inner workings behind a panel, rather than a clunky, on-display pipe and tank system. An added benefit of hiding pipework is the streamlined flat surfaces make the ensuite much easier to keep clean!
Get creative with your basin Wall mounted basin with storage Where possible, try and avoid installing basins with pedestals as this can unnecessarily take up valuable floor space. It’s possible to buy half-pedestal basins that enclose the pipe work but don’t reach all the way down to the floor. Wall-mounted basins are also very common now and these negate the need to have an unsightly pedestal propping them up. Additionally, if you do get a wall-mounted basin, then make the most of the space this frees up underneath. The area below a basin can be used as a very useful storage space either in the form of shelves or a small cupboard. It’s possible to buy well-designed ‘basin stations’ that make the most of the potential for storage around a basin.
Turn your ensuite into a wetroom Wet room A design feature that has become increasingly popular is the removal of shower enclosures and shower trays to free up space and give the ensuite a more streamlined look. This effectively creates a wetroom whereby the room is not protected by a shower screen and the water flows and drains directly onto the floor. This is an excellent way of maximising your space, but it is not recommended that you try creating this yourself. Because of the amount of water that will go onto the floor, a professional will need to be brought in to ensure there are no leaks and that the water is able to drain away properly.
Lift things up off of the floor Ensuite mirrored cabinets Key to creating the illusion of space is having a clear, uncluttered floor, so make the most of your vertical wall space by mounting things up higher. Toilet roll holders and toilet brushes can definitely be wall mounted and, where possible, add a mirrored wall cabinet. Not only will the cabinet provide useful storage space behind closed doors, but it will also reflect the light and give the impression of space. Plus you’ll have a mirror to see yourself in, a basic feature of any bathroom! It’s also possible to get mirrored cabinets with a light and a demisting option, making this piece of multi-functional furniture one of the most important purchase you can make for a small bathroom. For extra storage space, why not consider using glass shelves or units? These are functional, stylish but importantly don’t give the impression of clutter that furniture made from other materials can give. Again, lifting things off the floor makes keeping the floor clean an incredibly easy task.
Install a heated towel rail Heated towel rail Where space allows, a heated towel rail is a vital component of any ensuite. Not only does it provide a real sense of style, it serves the dual purpose of creating heat and providing a place to store towels. Anyone with kids will know that one of this biggest issues that occurs in a bathroom is wet towels ending up on the floor. A heated towel rail provides an excellent solution to this problem. We stock a wide range of high quality and stylish heated towel rails, including rails with small dimensions, perfect for installing in small or oddly-shaped spaces.

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