How to hide a radiator

How to hide a radiator
17 January 2023
How to hide a radiator

Though we are obsessed with putting radiators front and centre here at Trade Radiators, we understand that there are some occasions when you might want to disguise your rads and make them less noticeable. This may particularly be the case with old, tired radiators that have not recently been upgraded to something new and stylish. If that sounds like the situation you find yourself in then read on, as this article will go over some subtle ways you can hide and disguise your radiators so that they blend in more with your interior design plan.

Install a radiator cover

A fantastic way of hiding your radiator is by installing a radiator cover over the top of it. There are a lot of choices when it comes to radiator covers so you should be able to find one that really suits your decor and interior design preferences.

Before going ahead and getting a radiator cover to disguise your rad, keep a couple of points in mind to ensure you get exactly what you want:

1. Measure your radiator

Knowing the size of your existing radiator is important so that your cover can fit comfortably over it. Remember to include your valves in your measurements as these are likley to add some additional length to your requirments. Also measure how far the radiator comes out from the wall so that you get a cover with enough depth. Be generous with your sizing when choosing your radiator cover so that the warm air has enough space to circulate around the radiator when it's switched on and in use.

2. Decide on the type of radiator cover

Some radiator coversare freestanding while others are designed to be attached to the wall. Make a decision on what would be best for you and your family. 

A freestanding radiator cover will be easier to fit, but one that fixes to the wall will be more secure, allowing you to use the top of it as a shelf and eliminating the worry that small children or pets will tip it over.

Utilising the ledge on top of a fixed radiator cover and using it shelf is a simple and easy way of making it look more decorative. This shelf can be used for such things as vases, picture frames, ornaments, books or festive decorations at the relevant time of year. The possibilities are endless!

Use a side table

A well-positioned table is a really good way of distracting the eye from a radiator, even if it doesn't completely obscure it from view. If the table is high enough then it will slot nicely over the rad and you can place ornaments, pictures, candles, and other such decorative pieces to create a bit of an optical illusion.

Installing a kitchen worktop over the top of a radiator can create a breakfast bar or a work bench and the radiator can be further disguised by tucking under some stools.

You don't even need to install a full table or worktop for the radiator to be hidden. Even a shelf attached to the wall and two legs should be sufficient to make your radiator less obvious. Try pianting the shelf and legs the same colour as the wall to make the look more stylish and discrete.

The great thing about using a table or sideboard to hide the radiator is that it won't block the hot air from circulating into the room, as it would if you put some larger like a sofa in front of it,


Paint your radiator

If it's not practical to physically put something over your radiator then you could hide it in plain sight by giving it a coat of paint.

Start the process by giving your radiator a good clean to get rid of all the dust, dirt and grime. In actual fact, simply washing your radiator with warm, soapy water is often enough to make it look good again without the need for painting it.

However, if you do need to paint your radiator then giving it a sand first will help get a better finish. It's well worth doing and taking the extra time because you'll be leased with the final results and it will really revitalise your old radiator.

An uneven surface or a thick layer of paint will need a coarse garde of sandpaper applied to it, whereas a fairly even surface will enable you to get away with using a finer grit. Either way, after you've sanded, make sure you vacuum and wash your radiator again to remove all dust particles and paint flakes have been removed. This will ensure a smoother finish.

After sanding, you may want to coat your radiator with a primer before putting on a top coat, though many dedicated radiator paints are often self-priming and can be painted straight on. If there's any rust on your radiator, a primer with anti-corrosion properties would be be advisable to prevent these areas worsening and showing through on the final finish.

When it comes to the top coat, there's such a wide array of colours that you can completely transform your radiator with a completely different colour. Though you can go classic and put on a white top coat, increasingly popular alternatives include black, grey, gold and silver. The final colour you choose is really up to personal preference and what colour scheme is in the rest of the room, but you're definitely not restricted to white if you fancy something different.

Install a brand new radiator

Ultimately, if you've got a radiator you don't want to look at then we recommend installing a brand new one from our stunning radiator catalogue. 

At Trade Radiators we want everyone to find the ideal radiator for any space, whether you’re looking for a no-fuss simple heating solution to the box bedroom upstairs, or fancy updating your old bathroom panel radiator for a sleek new chrome towel rail.

With the best range of radiators you’ll find from any UK store, better delivery and our unique price promise, we aim to help any room across the country get the radiator it deserves. It all starts with knowing what you need from a new radiator.

How the radiator looks is arguably the most significant decision you make when buying a radiator.

We have an unbeatable range of radiator styles to match any room and everyone’s interior tastes. You can find a dynamic range of column radiators, stand out cast-iron models, vertical rails that save space or traditional radiators that use the latest build technology to work magically.

And don’t forget we always have an extensive range of the humble convector radiator when you want a simple radiator that works efficiently and blends in.

We have radiators to match a wide range of aesthetics from neo-traditional, to cottage core, rustic aesthetics, and contemporary ones. We aim to be a one-stop shop for all your radiator needs regardless of your interior design preference.

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