How to hide an electric radiator

A glass electric panel radiator on a wall in a living room

There's no getting away from the fact that, in the UK, we need to have some sort of heating system in our homes that keeps us warm. While those with central heating radiators have a wide range of options to increase their aesthetic appeal, the same traditionally cannot be said for those with electric heating.

However, is this still the case that if you have electric radiators then you are stuck with an uninspiring heating system? In this article, we'll look at a few ways you can disguise, hide or replace your electric radiator to make your home look stunning.

Put a table in front of it

In the past, many people got around the ugliness of their radiators by covering them up with a radiator cover - normally a decorative wooden cabinet that neatly hid the rad inside. The problem with this is that it makes a radiator very inefficient, with the cabinet effectively stopping heat from circulating around the room. You'd get a hot cabinet, while the rest of the room would be fighting for any heat that's left. Additionally, would you really feel comfortable with covering an electric radiator with a wooden cabinet?

A much better solution would be to put some sort of table or open sideboard in front of your electric rad. This inexpensive option would allow you to distract the eye through clever use of plants or ornaments, while still allowing heat from the radiator into the room.

Paint a feature wall behind it

People whose homes contained old cast-iron or convector radiators have the luxury of being able to paint them as a way of giving them a new lease of life. Unfortunately, painting electric heaters is not a viable option due to the risk of the paint causing problems with the rad's electrics.

Instead, a great way to disguise the appearance of your electric rad is to decorate the wall it's installed on. Whether you paint the whole wall, create a two-tone effect or put up some patterned wallpaper, having a smartly-decorated feature wall is a fantastic way of hiding an electric radiator in plain sight.

Install a shelf above it

A simple solution not dissimilar to the table idea, putting a shelf above your electric radiator is another brilliant way of drawing the eye away from the heater.

A single shelf will take you no time to install and opens up arrange of options regarding things you can put on display, much like a mantelpiece above the fireplace. Alternatively, several shelfs containing your book collection will almost certainly provide the perfect solution. Regardless of whether you've got leather-bound hardbacks or a variety of colourful paperbacks, there is no way anyone's attention will be drawn to your electric rad if so much is on show above it.

Install a stylish electric radiator

Our recommended way of dealing with electric radiators is to simply install ones that you don't want to hide and are proud to put on display. Electric radiator manufacturing has come a long way in recent years, allowing you to have many of the same choices as those with gas-fired heating.

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