How to hide your radiator pipes

How to hide your radiator pipes

Copper radiator pipes are an incredibly important component of any central heating system. They are responsible for carrying the hot water water around our homes and play their part in ensuring we keep warm during the coldest months.

The problem is that copper pipes can be unsightly and usually require disguising of concealing. Painting the pipes the same colour as the wall often feels unsatisfactory, while drilling channels in the wall can be expensive and disruptive.

In this article we'll look at three of the cheapest ways of hiding them effectively, with minimal cost and inconvenience.


Radiator pipes hidden behind wooden box

A very common way of hiding radiator pipes is by boxing them in. You might already have seen this in your kitchen or bathroom.

Straight pieces of wood are installed around the pipes, effectively creating a box around them.

Painting the box the same colour as your walls or skirting board will help the box to blend in and achieve a more minimalistic, uncluttered look when compared to open pipework.

While this is a cheap and easy solution, boxing pipework can make a room feel smaller. Many people also dislike the clunky look of boxed in pipework, even if an effort has been made to make the boxing blend in with the surroundings.

Skirting boards

Copper radiator pipes concealed by skirting board

An alternative method of hiding pipes is by installing specially-adapted skirting boards that can accommodate pipes.

This type of skirting board has a recessed section on the back allowing the board to be placed flush against the wall and covering the piping.

If you were planning on installing skirting boards anyway, then getting pipe-friendly skirting can be a simple and cost-effective solution to the issue.

If you install skirting board in one room, you may feel obliged to maintain the consistency and install it in other rooms, even if those are other rooms don't have a visible pipe problem.

Pipe sleeves

Gold pipe sleeves

One of the simplest and cheapest ways to cover up the copper pipes that connect to your radiator is by installing pipe sleeves.

Pipe sleeves (or covers) simply slot over your copper pipework and gives a beautiful feeling of completeness to any radiator installation. For the most attractive look it's always best to get pipe sleeves that are the same colour as your valves or radiator.

At Trade Radiators we stock a stunning range of pipe sleeves in different colours, so you can get exactly what you need. We also provide them in lengths of 130mm so that suit all pipe lengths and can be cut to size if necessary.

If you want to hide your copper pipes without the expense and inconvenience of opening up walls or floorboard, make sure you consider the option of pipe sleeves.

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