Sprucing up your home’s interior or upgrading your heating to something a little more stylish? Then the Trade Radiators Inspiration hub is the place to be.

Below you’ll find some of the latest and greatest interiors shared with us on Instagram. We’ve also put together many guides and resources to help you get the perfect interior you’ve been dreaming of. 

Recent Inspiration Posts

A home renovation

Renovating your house: Where should you start?

The first thing to establish when making changes to your house is what ‘renovating’ actually means to you. For example, does it involve completely stripping …

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A column radiator under a window

Why place radiators under windows?

One of the most common questions we receive at Trade Radiators is a variation of “should I install my radiator underneath a window?” In this …

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Some easy to use DIY tools

Home Décor DIY Ideas for 2020

Having spent a lot of time inside in 2020, you may have had noticed a few areas around the house that you’d like to improve. …

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A pair of wooden shelves on a wall

Top DIY Projects to Work on at Home Right Now

With so many of us unable to leave our homes at the moment due to social distancing recommendations, it can be easy to get lost …

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Radiator finishes at Trade Radiators

Heating Trends for 2020

1 – Brass Radiator Valves If you’re thinking about upgrading and remodelling your bathroom, then you really need to give some serious consideration to brass …

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Kitchen with radiator

Our top picks for kitchen radiators

If you’re looking for radiator ideas for your kitchen, then look no further than this inspiring article. The kitchen can be one of those tricky …

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