Latest Products! Apollo Monza Aluminium Column Radiator Series

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Oooh that's right! We've got a brand new range of luxurious radiators on The stylish Apollo Monza Aluminium Column Radiator Series are a modern contemporary aluminum column radiator that are suitable for any living space. These babies are ultra efficient and are ideal for low temperature renewable systems, ultimately leading you to possibly save money on your heating bills. See our video on the benfits of aluminium radiators below: <iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="660" height="360"></iframe> The Apollo Monza Aluminium Column Radiator Series are have higher BTU/WATT outputs than steel column radiators and are also half the weight, potentially making them easier to install. These aluminium column radiators are available in any RAL colour, which gives you an unbelieveably huge range of options for you to choose from. Delivery in white within 3 days. Bespoke colour delivery in 7 days. For sizes and information, go to our website at Apollo Monza Aluminium Column Radiator Series. Or alternatively, contact us at or 0845 3313 909.
12 August 2013