Most commonly asked questions about aluminium radiators

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Aluminium radiators and aluminium heated towel rails have definitely grown in popularity in recent years.

Manufacturers have increased the amount of styles and designs they offer in terms of aluminium radiators and many people's interests have been piqued as a result.

This has led to us receiving a lot more questions regarding aluminium radiators from our customers, so we have provided answers to the most common ones below.

Are aluminium radiators better than steel?

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Aluminium is a better conductor of heat than steel. That means that a radiator made of aluminium will get up to your desired temperature much more quickly than a steel radiator of similar dimensions.

In the long run, this means that you'll be using less energy to power your aluminium radiators and your heating bills should be lower as a result.

In the short term, mild steel radiators are usually much cheaper to buy than aluminium radiators. In addition, you are likely to find a greater variety or styles and sizes of steel radiator than you are aluminium.

Are aluminium radiators any good?

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Yes, aluminium radiators are a great choice of radiator for using in your home as part of your central heating system.

Aluminium metal is a fantastic conductor of heat, which means that you won't have to wait as long for your radiators to heat the room than you would with radiators made from other metals.

Once you've got past the original cost of purchase and installation, you are likely to see your heating bills cost less as a result of aluminium radiators being so energy efficient.

Another thing that makes aluminium radiators so good is that they are made from mostly recycled aluminium, making them a very eco-friendly choice. Once they come to the end of their natural life, the aluminium from the radiators can be recycled and used by future generations.

Are aluminium radiators worth it?

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Aluminium radiators do usually cost a bit more than other types of radiators to purchase initially.

However, as time goes on, you'll potentially find that your heating bills are lower than if you have radiators made from another material. Because aluminium is an excellent conductor of heat, they need less energy to get your room up to a nice warm temperature.

This energy efficiency, plus the convenience of having warm rooms quickly, may well convince you that aluminium radiators are worth it in the long run.

Do aluminium radiators corrode?

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Aluminium radiators are not particularly prone to corrosion, however this does not mean they absolutely never corrode.

The exterior of aluminium radiators are covered in a paint finish which means that surface of the radiator will not react with the air. Because of this, rust and corrosion is very rarely a problem.

However, as with all radiators, internal corrosion can become a problem if steps are not taken to prevent it.

Because there are several different metals involved in a central heating system, internal corrosion can occur if one of the metals reacts with the oxygen in the water. This can eventually led to your heating system becoming less and less efficient, using more energy to heat your home.

However, this problem is simple to solve by ensuring your heating system has its chemical inhibitor levels topped up once a year. Chemical inhibitor helps to stop corrosion from taking place and will keep your aluminium radiators running efficiently and rust-free.

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