New Electric Column Radiators!

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No, it's not fake news, we really have gone and added some beautiful electric column radiators to our already huge range of heat emitters!

Column radiators are very popular due to their stunning good looks, striking the sweet spot between traditional and contemporary.

However, not everyone has a standard conventional hot water central heating system. Sometimes, even if you do have a central heating system, it's not always practical to connect a new radiator up to the main system, such as in a conservatory, attic or an outbuilding.

So, due to popular demand, we've introduced a new electric column radiator range for those of you wanting to take advantage of these delightful rads.

4 different finishes to choose from

Our electric column rads come in a range of sizes and column depths so you can get the perfect heat output for your room at a great price.

Most exciting however is the choice of finishes available on these radiators. The classic colours of white, anthracite, copper and black nickel really means you can get a finish that suits your interior design plan perfectly.

All are manufactured to the highest quality, come with comprehensive 5 year guarantees and free delivery.

WiFi enabled temperature control

Our electric column radiators come with WiFi enabled heat controls

All of our electric column radiators come with the ability to control the temperature with a remote control or your smart device.

Installation and set-up is easy and you can download the Supla app from the App Store or Google Play.

Having greater control over your heating via your smart phone gives you the luxury of being able to switch on your heating before you get home. Or, if you've left in a hurry and forgot to switch off your radiators, you can do so with no stress. This amount of heating control often results in lower heating bills as there's no longer any need for your heating to be on unnecessarily.

Choose your favourite finish

White electric column radiator
Copper electric column radiator
Anthracite electric column radiator
Black electric column radiator


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28 April 2020