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Why is my radiator cold at the top/bottom?

A hot and cold radiator

It’s rare that we discover problems with our heating systems at the height of summer. In most cases, it’s when the temperatures are at their coldest that we discover our central heating isn’t operating as efficiently as it should be. One of the most common problems that we all face at one time or another […]

Troubleshoot your radiator issues

A girl on a chair in front of a radiator

Because your central heating system is in use a vast majority of the year, there often comes a point where things go wrong with your radiators. It’s quite natural – components wear out and water reacts with metal, so eventually there will come a time when you need to take the opportunity to sort things […]

Styling tips: Silver heated towel rails

A Silver Heated Towel Rail

A super stylish, though often forgotten about, heated towel rail colour is silver. A lovely contrast to the reflectiveness of stainless steel or chrome, silver provides a familiar feel but with a more subtle, less showy finish. It’s increasingly common to want to make a design statement with a radiator, but people still want a […]

Tips to refresh a room without a big budget

Beautiful bedroom with bay window

It may be the case that there are rooms in your house that could do with redecoration or at least some sort of update. You may also have been putting it off thinking that redecorating requires a big budget that you simply don’t have. As a result, your room doesn’t receive any special treatment at […]

JAN 2019 SALE! 19% off all Trade Direct rads & rails

January 2019 Radiator Sale

Yes, yes, yes! January is a fantastic time to re-evaluate your situation and make the decision that it is about time you updated you central heating system to keep you warm in these dark and cold winter months. In particular, it’s a brilliant time for replacing your radiators and making the most out of modern […]

Our Top 10 pets with rads photos

Pets with trade radiators

From time to time, our amazing customers like to share photos with us of their newly-installed radiators. Often, to add a little extra excitement to the pics, they like to include their pets also enjoying the warmth of the radiators and include them in their photos. We absolutely encourage this behaviour, so if you have […]

Our Top 5 Trade Direct Anthracite Radiators

Trade Direct Anthracite Radiator

It’s common to discover during the winter months, when your central heating is in full swing, that some of your radiators are scruffy, noisy and generally not fit for purpose anymore. Equally, if you are renovating or building a property, then one of the most important factors will be to ensure the central heating is […]

Xmas 2018 Sale – 10% discount on everything!

Christmas 2018 Trade Radiators Sale

Hark the herald angels sing “Glory to Trade Radiators for having a Chrimbo Sale.” Yes, it’s that time of year where we all think about gifting….radiators to our friends, families and loved ones. Although we’re mostly joking (about gifting radiators, not the sale), for any of you who’ve suffered a massive boiler breakdown right before […]

Which type of radiator is the most efficient?

Woman performing yoga in front of an efficient radiator

We all like to complain about the rising cost of heating. Every year it seems that the main gas companies announce record profits, while we, the consumer, have to pay more and more to keep our home warm. When the summer ends, there’s very often a battle between partners, or between parents and the kids […]