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When to start getting your radiators ready for winter

Column Radiator

September is the time when the warm part of the year transitions into the longer and colder months. The nights start to draw in and those occasions when the central heating needs to go on become more and more frequent. A common question that people have is “when should I get my radiators ready for […]

Our top 5 white heated towel rails for your bathroom

White Heated Towel Rail

The colour white (“White’s not a colour!“) is always going to be a popular choice for interiors. Whether it’s crisp white tiling, a white-washed floor or plain emulsioned walls, white gives an interior a feeling of cleanliness, organisation and minimalism. So it’s no surprise that the most popular colour for radiators is still white. It […]

Installing silver radiators to add style to your room

Silver Designer Radiators

A delightful and often overlooked radiator colour is silver. A nice alternative to the mirrored finish of chrome or stainless steel, silver offers a similar stylish feel but with a matt finish. It’s increasingly common to want to make a design statement with a radiator, but people still want a radiator that functions efficiently as […]

DIY Summer Sale – Bring your summer project to life!

Summer Sale 2018

Summer is an amazing time to get some projects done around your house. If you’re tackling things yourself, then it’s much easier to make use of the back garden, or switch off water and electricity while you get to work. If you’re planning on getting in a plumber, then you’ll find that it’s much easier […]

Interior design inspiration: all white rooms for a modern interior

White Room

When setting out to create a modern and contemporary interior, the go-to colour is most commonly white. White has become synonymous with cleanliness, minimalism and organisation. All qualities that many people wish to bring into their home. So it’s no surprise that white has become the colour of choice for interior designers seeking to create […]

Latest products! Trade Direct & Nevo heated towel rails

Latest products - Heated Towel Rails

We’re always seeking to keep our catalogue fresh and up-to-date with modern demands, as well as the latest fashions and trends. This month is no exception and we’re thrilled to announce that we have added some stylish new heated towel rails to give you even more choice when deciding how to heat your home! Heated […]

5 DIY radiator skills you can easily learn

Chemical inhibitor being poured

If you don’t have a lot of experience with the heating system in your home, there are some tasks that you can undertake yourself that will ease you in gently to the world of central heating systems. These jobs are useful to know as it can save you the cost of calling out a plumber […]

How to style a bathroom with black heated towel rails

Black heated towel rail

If you’re restyling your bathroom and are seeking to inject a bit of modern and contemporary style, one of the most effective ways of doing this is by installing a black heated towel rail. The most common heated towel rails come with a chrome-plated finish, however more and more people are turning to black because […]

Essential radiator maintenance tips for the summer

Maintenance Tools

Your central heating system can be likened to a car in the sense that it contains moving parts that need to be regularly serviced and maintained in order to ensure smooth running. Ignore or neglect the maintenance on your car and after a while you’re likely find yourself stuck on the hard shoulder of a […]

Latest products! Anthracite Aluminium Heated Towel Rails

Anthracite Aluminium Heated Towel Rails

We are absolutely delighted to announce some exciting new additions to our online catalogue. For the first time in the history of Trade Radiators, we are able to offer you some designer aluminium heated towel rails! Our splendid and tremendous Trade Direct Aphex Aluminium Rails come in two sizes and are finished in a very […]