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Reina Radiators

Reina designer radiators are rapidly becoming one of the most popular brands in our catalogue. With a long history manufacturing high quality radiators and towel rails, Reina rads are guaranteed to inject some sophisticated style into your living environment. We currently stock sixteen different Reina radiator designs, in a variety of styles, colours and sizes. […]

Why white radiators will never go out of style

For those colours which you wish to be beautiful, always first prepare a pure white ground. – Leonardo Da Vinci White looks good in all settings Much like a black or navy suit, white radiators are something that will always look good regardless of the year, the setting or latest fads in the interior design […]

5 reasons to buy an aluminium radiator

Aluminium Radiator

When we think of a radiator, we tend to think of the plain white convector-type radiator that hangs horizontally on a wall. If you try a bit harder, you might be able to think of some other more stylish designs that you’ve seen on interior design TV shows, magazines or blogs. However, you probably haven’t […]

Our top 5 radiators for wide spaces

Wide compact radiator

Although we’ve discussed how you can fit small radiators into surprisingly tiny spaces before, we also need to look at a common radiator problem at the other end of the scale. For those with large houses, spaces or rooms, a common issue is finding a radiator of an adequate size to fill the wall and […]

Our top 5 most stylish traditional radiator valves

Traditional Radiator Valve

When buying new radiators for your home, it can be easy to overlook the importance of the accompanying valves. Your old radiator may already have some valves with it, but we’re will to bet that that these will be tired, discoloured and boring when compared with what is available on our website. There’s also no […]

Our top 5 most efficient aluminium radiators

Efficient Aluminium Radiators

Buying radiators made of aluminium is not always the first choice that springs to mind, but there are a number of reasons why why they should be considered. Aluminium is easy to recycle Aluminium is the most abundant and recycled metal on earth. It’s pretty cheap and easy to recycle compared to many other metals, […]

The top 5 radiators for small spaces

Trade Direct Nevo Anthracite Radiator 600 x 544mm

For those who have limited experience of DIY or plumbing tasks around the house, it can be very easy to look at a small room or narrow piece of wall space and decide that it’s impossible to fit in a radiator. For that tiny percentage of people who don’t live and breathe central heating related […]

The Top 5 High Output Vertical Radiators

Black vertical radiator in a dining room

Many people are living in increasingly small spaces where horizontal wall space is very limited and jostling for position with furniture. In the past, people simply had to accept that the back of the sofa was going to be heated up before the rest of the room, as it was placed in front of a […]

Our Top 5 Designer Radiator Animations

A dog in front of a radiator in a chair

It can sometimes be difficult to visualise what a radiator might look like in reality, if you’re simply looking at a flat image on a website. Of course, we make sure we include plenty of images from our customers who have taken a picture once our radiators have been installed in their homes. However, we also […]

How to replace a radiator in 4 easy steps

A plumber removing a radiator

This guide is strictly for those who have some DIY experience and are confident that they can install a radiator competently. If you do have some plumbing experience then fitting a radiator is actually a fairly straightforward task. However, if you are not used to carrying out jobs like this around the house, we recommend […]