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How to use radiators to add character to a room

Kitchen with radiator

When thinking about decorating a room to your personal specifications, it’s very easy to get carried away with colour schemes, accessories and different types of furniture in an effort to introduce a sense of individuality. However, in this article we will show you how your choice of radiator can make a massive difference to the […]

World Cup Sale – 10% off all products

World Cup 2018 Discount

To coincide with the 2018 World Cup that has kicked off in Russia, we’re delighted to announce that we are offering 10% off all off our radiators, heated towel rails, valves and accessories from 21st – 30th June. Summer is a great time to buy This time of year is actually a great time to […]

5 easy ways to make your home more eco-friendly


Ever-increasing gas and energy prices are making it more and more expensive to power our homes. We’re also becoming more aware of the Earth’s finite resources, which means that finding a way to live our lives in a way that gives more consideration to the environment is imperative. This article covers our heating-related tips that […]

How To Drain A Central Heating System

To completely drain your central heating system, it’s often a good idea to drain more than one radiator. This helps to ensure that there is no chance of any water leaking out. One thing to bear in mind if you do drain your system completely is that some boilers will not work during this period.‹ […]

How to bleed a radiator with a combi boiler

Bleeding a radiator

If you have radiators that are getting nice and hot at the bottom, but remain cold at the top, it’s very likely that you have air trapped in the radiator and will need bleeding. In this article, we will explain how a combi boiler works and explain what a pressurised system is. We will also take […]

A Guide To Painting A Radiator

Cleaning a radiator

Giving an old radiator a fresh coat of paint can often give what was once an eyesore, a whole new lease of life. If you are going to paint an old radiator, then you will need suitable solvent-based radiator paint, a chunky paint brush and a dust sheet to avoid getting paint on your carpet or flooring. If your radiator has been painted before, then you may need to use some sand paper to give it a rub-down first to get rid of any lumps and bumps from the previous layer of paint..

10% off all Reina Radiators – Don’t Miss Out!

Reina Radiators

Reina designer radiators are rapidly becoming one of the most popular brands in our catalogue. With a long history manufacturing high quality radiators and towel rails, Reina rads are guaranteed to inject some sophisticated style into your living environment. We currently stock sixteen different Reina radiator designs, in a variety of styles, colours and sizes. […]

5 reasons to buy an aluminium radiator

Aluminium Radiator

When we think of a radiator, we tend to think of the plain white convector-type radiator that hangs horizontally on a wall. If you try a bit harder, you might be able to think of some other more stylish designs that you’ve seen on interior design TV shows, magazines or blogs. However, you probably haven’t […]

Our top 5 radiators for wide spaces

Wide compact radiator

Although we’ve discussed how you can fit small radiators into surprisingly tiny spaces before, we also need to look at a common radiator problem at the other end of the scale. For those with large houses, spaces or rooms, a common issue is finding a radiator of an adequate size to fill the wall and […]