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7 stylish ways to update your bathroom

We’ll come straight out with it. This is not an ‘improve your bathroom on a budget’ article. There’s plenty of those around and they serve a great purpose if you need to make some bathroom upgrades cheaply. Absolutely nothing wrong with that whatsoever. However, if you’ve got some money to spend and you’re intent on […]

The ultimate guide to choosing a heated towel rail

A chrome heated towel rail in a bathroom

Deciding to put a heated towel rail in the bathroom is one of the most common home improvements to make. You don’t have to spend much to do it (though you certainly can if so inclined), but it’s a practical addition that looks great. Having the ability to hang up your towels and get them […]

Make a design statement with Anthracite Column Radiators

Anthracite Column Radiator in a living room

Column radiators also have the ability to add a air of class to any room they’re installed in, regardless of the type of property they’re installed in. They look as incredible in a Georgian townhouse as they do in a newly-built starter home or apartment – hence their popularity. Add the swish anthracite finish into the mix and you’ve got an instant design classic in your home without breaking the bank or the need to have the creative flair of an interior designer.

How Traditional Heated Towel Rails can add character to your bathroom

Wessex Traditional Heated Towel Rail

If you’re looking for an instant way to make your bathroom have some period charm, one of the easiest ways of doing it is to install a traditional heated towel rail. These radiators look great but have the double benefit of drying your towels and emitting heat into your bathroom or ensuite. View our most popular ‘trad rads’ here.

Introducing our Stelrad Compact Radiator Range

Stelrad Compact Radiator - White

For those who simply require a subtle yet functional radiator, guaranteed to be efficient and great value for money, we’ve introduced the Stelrad Compact Radiator range. These design classics look great in any room in the home, come in a huge variety of sizes and are a very popular choice for property renovators and buy-to-let investors looking to upgrade a central heating system responsibly and affordably.

Top 6 Best Bathroom Radiator Ideas

Heated Towel Rail in bathroom

Getting the best radiator or heated towel rail for your bathroom is important, but you may have more choices than you think. Vertical radiators make the most of upward space, while aluminium is very efficient. We go through our top bathroom radiator choices to help you make the right decision.

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

An energy efficient home

Cut the Cost of Your Energy Bills As the seasons change and the temperature drops, it is now more important than ever to make sure that you are getting an efficient and beneficial amount of heat from your radiators and heating system. In the UK, on average, 50% of the money spent on fuel bills […]